Signs Of Falling In Love With A Guy

26801107_s“Falling in love and being in love are two of the most wonderful feelings that can happen to a person.” Blaine Barrington, Dating and Relationship Coach

You meet a new guy and you start dating him.

You try and keep it light and casual and upbeat but something starts changing with the way you feel about him.

It might be that you’re starting to fall for him.

In fact, you might even be smitten with him.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s such a wonderful feeling when you’re in love.

Here are 7 signs you’re falling in love with him…

1. You Can’t Stop Thinking About Him And About Having A Future Together

Virtually every new relationship has a certain excitement about it.

Things are new and fresh and interesting.

You think about him constantly.

You smile at the very thought of him.

You day dream about him.

And you wonder what it would be like to have him in your life every day – to wake up beside him and to look at him over breakfast or dinner.

2. You Miss Him And Feel Lonely When You’re Not With Him

You get used to having him in your life and you enjoy his company.

And you get used to talking to him and having fun with him.

You like sitting beside him and watching TV together…or going to the park with him…or pottering around the garden together.

You like his hugs and kisses and words of endearment.

You like holding hands with him.

You like the way he teases you and compliments you.

You like his jokes and you like laughing with him.

When you’re not with him – or he’s not with you – you feel lonely.

You want him around all the time – or at the very least you want to see him as much as possible to the exclusion of other things – so you can talk to him and do things with him and see his smile.

3. You Start Dating Him Exclusively

Other guys you’ve been dating pale in comparison to him. He just seems so manly and romantic and he makes you happy.

You want to focus all of your time on him and you plan to spend all of your free time with him.

This is a big step because it might even mean you are both exclusive at this point. Or it might mean you’re committed to him but he hasn’t made that commitment to you yet.

4. Your Life Seems Happier Since You’ve Met Him And Started Dating Him

Sometimes life seems to be full of hassles and you feel so stressed out.

But now…things don’t upset you as much as they used to because you’re “in love.”

Your outlook on life is happier and things just seem better now that you’ve met this great guy.

5. You Ignore Or Overlook His Faults

Admittedly you’re biased here because you’re into him and you’re attracted to him.

Even his quirks and the unusual things he does have a certain charm to them that endear him to you.

In fact, his faults might seem kind of cute to you at this point in the relationship.

6. You Want To Be Intimate With Him

This can be a huge step for you.

You’re attracted to him, there’s that “spark,” and you want him.

But you have to be careful even if your desire for him is strong – you don’t give yourself to him just because he’s hot and there’s crackling chemistry between the two of you.

If he hasn’t made a commitment to you to date exclusively then this is one area where you hold back until he’s ready to make that commitment.

This isn’t about teasing him or frustrating him – it’s about being smart in catching a man and keeping him.

If you’re intimate with him too early in the relationship you risk losing him. That’s because his curiosity will be satisfied and he might move on to another woman.

7. You Start Changing Or Making Changes To Please Him

You might change the color of your hair or the length of your hair because he likes it a certain way and you want to please him.

You might dress a certain way to please him. You might wear certain lingerie that he’s particularly fond of seeing you wear.

You might start reading books or listening to music or watching movies that he likes or has mentioned or recommended to you.

You make him your priority rather than going to the gym or hanging out with your friends.

Any of these signs can mean you’re falling for a guy and that you’re in love with him.

The challenge though is to carry on with your life rather than making your new guy your whole life.

Falling in love is a wonderful feeling. But don’t overlook the signs that he has boyfriend potential instead of being just a short term distraction.

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