Exclusively For Sexually Adventurous Women: Erotic "naughty" dirty talk that turns you into a “bad” girl in the bedroom.

“The Secret Mind-Control
“Love Code” That Triggers
Your Man’s Arousal Instincts And Unleashes His Lust
And Desire For You”

The Erotic Love Language
The World's Most Skilled And Talented Lovers Use
To Seduce...Lure...and Turn A Man On...

Supercharge Your Sex Life
And Rock Your Man’s World With These
Sizzlin’ HOT, Steamy, Badass Phrases That
Inflame His Lust And Desire For You
...as Early as Tonight!

Dear Sexually Adventurous Friend...

Imagine for a moment you're at a fancy restaurant with your man having a romantic dinner.

You're dressed up for the occasion and you're feeling pretty and sexy in your LBD and high heels.

He's wearing a dark blue suit and looks very dapper.

The lighting in the restaurant is subdued.

Music is playing softly in the background.

The atmosphere is hushed, relaxed, and intimate.

Your man looks so handsome and debonair seated across from you.

All of a sudden, as you're looking at him, an uncontrollable desire comes over you.

You feel hot...bothered...flushed.

You start to feel a tingle.

You want him badly.

The main course is finished.

As you're waiting for the dessert menu, you excuse yourself and go to the restroom.

On the way back to your chair, you stop beside your man.

You lean down and discretely hand him your crumpled up red thong.

As you do so, you whisper something in his ear.

He straightens up as he looks down at what you've placed in his hand.

He smiles.

His eyes flash with understanding.

He starts squirming in his chair.

He quickly looks around and, seeing the waiter, beckons him over.

"Check, please," he urgently says to the waiter.

He hastily pays the bill.

You gather your purse and you both rush out of the restaurant holding hands with a look of excitement on your faces.

You can easily re-enact this very same scene in your own relationship.

In fact, the next time you want to be sexy with your man and you want more romance-with-sizzle in the bedroom, try it yourself using what I'm about to reveal to you.

Because it works.

And, speaking from my own experience, it works really well.

I'm Blaine Barrington...

Sex And Relationship Coach
For Women

By day, I'm just your everyday guy.

If you were to bump into me in Walmart or in Costco, you probably wouldn't think of me as anyone out of the ordinary.

I'm not a celebrity or a "guru."

And I'm the first to admit that I'm no model or gym rat.

My hair could be less gray.

My "dad bod" could be firmer.

And my wrinkles could be less noticeable.

I'm probably what many people think of as your "average guy" who goes shopping, washes the car, mows the lawn, hangs out with his buddies, and plays video games in his spare time.

But do you know who else I am?

I'm a relationship coach for women.

When I'm not teaching women how to thrill their man in the bedroom, I'm showing them how to be a better lover and partner because I believe those attributes are the cornerstone to a happy, fulfilling, and amazing relationship with the man you love.

Do you remember my "dad bod" I mentioned before?

Well, when my partner looks at me with lustful eyes she doesn't see my flabby parts or gray hair or new wrinkles at all.

Quite the opposite.

Behind Closed Doors
She Sees Something
Entirely Different...

She sees her sexy, seductive, lover who ADORES her.

And I WORSHIP her body.

I devour her body in ways that make her feel beautiful...loved...and cherished.

Apart from the special moves and techniques she uses during lovemaking, there's a reason why I adore, treasure, and celebrate my partner's body and call her my Sex Goddess.

You see, as an intimacy coach, I've discovered over the years that...

...you can try every position in the Kama Sutra...

...you can experiment with role playing...

...you can act out fantasies...

But ultimately there’s...

One “Technique” That Brings A Man To His Knees
And Makes Him Surrender To - And Fall Under -
A Woman's Seductive Spell...

It's the little-known secret “code” adventurous and talented lovers use in their lovemaking.

I've experienced it myself many times and I've found that this “code” can be mastered quickly and easily.

It's so incredibly powerful it's ASTONISHING how well it works on a man.

It's like a "desire switch" that can be turned on and activated almost at will.

And here's the best part:

It can be used over and over again...inside and outside of the bedroom...to get the same thrilling response...

...because it triggers something deep inside a man that makes him want and desire you even more.

I discovered how this "code" works quite by accident.

Several months ago I was reading an article from the The New York Times about an eminent psychology researcher in the U.S. who conducted a series of relationship interviews with men.

From those interviews, this distinguished researcher determined what men really want in the bedroom.

And, as it turns out, one of the things men want most...is a woman who is more seductive.

In other words, men want a seductress - a woman who can captivate...tempt...tantalize...and playfully flirt with them.

I've discovered one of the best ways a woman can be more seductive...and give her man what he craves.

And that's by showing her adventurous side using this little-known secret "code" that unleashes her man's lust and desire.

This secret "code" is the ultimate expression of enticement...teasing...and intrigue...

...because it's...

The Erotic Language
Of Sensual Seduction...

...and is a man’s Achilles Heel that magically lowers his emotional defense shields...erases his inhibitions...seduces and lures him...and ultimately turns him into putty in your hands.

It triggers his inner hunger for acknowledgement, appreciation, adoration, and respect from the woman he loves and who excites him.

When you tell him...

...what turns you on...

...what you want him to do to you in exact detail...

...or you entice him to try something new to satisfy a fantasy...

...or you encourage him to "make a move" on you because you're feeling frisky...

...and you start "talking dirty," it...

Activates His “Love Switch”...
Turns On His Erotic Senses...

...and makes him feel the primal essence of being an Alpha Male - and your superhero - in the bedroom.

It sounds so weird, doesn't it?

And yet it works!

Do you want to know why it works so well?

These special words fire up the "pleasure center" deep inside a man's brain.

It's like binging on a decadent chocolate dessert...

...and getting an instant rush of pleasure...and gratification.

Dirty words have the very SAME effect on your man.

Seductive dirty talk is so powerful it gives him a RUSH OF PLEASURE as you beguile him, lure him, seduce him, and inflame his desire for you.

Dirty words...

Instantly Create Sexual Tension,
Chemistry, And Connection...

...to keep things fresh, hot, and exciting.

Even innocent, everyday words like "wet"..."thong"...and "nails"...can be sexually charged to light his fire when they're used seductively...tantalizingly...and erotically.

Take the word "wet" for example.

You might say in normal conversation that it's wet and rainy outside. Totally innocent, isn't it?

But when you whisper in his ear, "I'm so frisky for you my panties are wet," you've instantly got his attention and his imagination kicks into OVERDRIVE.

Or perhaps you wear micro thongs.

And you tell him you were out shopping and just bought some new thongs from Wicked Weasel.

Another innocent remark, isn't it? After all, you're just making conversation.

But, what if you texted him and asked him if he'd like to see you model the micro thong you're wearing right now?

Chances are he's going to want to drop everything and rush right home.

At the very least he's going to have trouble concentrating on his work...or gym routine...or football game...because he won't be able to get you out of his mind.

Or maybe you just had your nails done at the salon and you mention it to him.

It's very likely he'll hardly hear you.

But if you whispered to him that sometimes you like to scratch him with your fingernail in a special place (I'll show you exactly where for maximum pleasure) or sometimes in the throes of passion you like to scratch his back with your nails...he's going to have IMPURE thoughts.

Each example is flirtatious.

Each is naughty with sexual undertones.

Each stirs a man's imagination.

And each one opens the door to exciting possibilities in the bedroom.

As you can see, the word you use is the same but the context has changed and has become sexually charged.

Do you see the possibilities and how powerful dirty words can be?

And it doesn't stop there because...

...even "tame" words like, "OMG," "need," "rub," "put," "take," "stretch," and "hot," can take on a whole new meaning and have a POWERFUL EFFECT on your man when you use them creatively and seductively.

They don't have to be filthy...or degrading...or vulgar...or offensive to be effective.

Instead, when their context is explicit, graphic, arousing, or flirtatious they can have an instant EXPLOSIVE effect on a man's desire for you.

And that's not all.

The Power Of Seductive Dirty Talk
Goes Beyond Exciting His Imagination...

Imagine using seductive dirty talk and telling your man how frisky you are and how much you want him...

...and being...

...deeply kissed...

...sensually caressed...

...and lovingly touched.

Or imagine your dirty talk leads to...





...steamy, hot sex.

Dirty talk magically hacks deep into his primal pleasure center...brings out his RAW ANIMALISTIC URGES...and KINDLES A HOT-TO-THE-TOUCH HEAT that translates into throbbing, pulsating, quivering, thrashing, passionate lovemaking.

In fact, sexy dirty talk is...

The Ultimate Way To Trigger
Intense Desire...Arousal...
And Lust In A Man...

Best of all, it's very easy when you know what to do.

It’s what you say.

It's the way you say it.

It's the images you conjure in his mind.

It’s the urgent whispers... the deep growls...the low moans...the soft whimpers...that flow freely and seductively when you’re in another state of mind.

Like an arrow heading straight towards the bullseye, your seductive dirty talk goes to the very heart of his lust...arousal...and desire for you.

It's as though he's being EROTICALLY PROGRAMMED...making him quiver and tingle with excitement as he responds automatically to your advances and seductive whispers.

Best part: You'll give him a more intense...a more pleasurable...a more RAWLY EROTIC experience than he's ever encountered before.

This is the amazing power of sexy dirty talk.

And let me emphasize this again...

It's So Easy To Use Dirty Talk
Without Embarrassment
When You Know The
Right Words To Use...

...and you know when to use them.

When you entice him...

...when you tease him...

...when you encourage him...

...when you urge him on...

...when you moan...

...when you cry out...

...when your fevered flesh touches his fevered flesh...

...when you arch your back from sheer pleasure...

...in the throes of passion...

...you excite his imagination...

...you trigger his desperate hunger...

...you pull at every corner of his desire...

...you unlock a deep, primal need...

...that drives him to respond with moves that heighten your own arousal and sexual pleasure.

If your man has ever said to you, “Talk dirty to me,” or he's indicated his desire to introduce dirty talk to your lovemaking, but you don't know what to say or where to start, then XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women will show you...

How To Seduce Your Man And
Inflame His Desire For
Passionate, Hot, And Steamy


101 EXPLICIT, BLUSHWORTHY, coaxing, enticing, flirting, seducing, teasing, EROTICALLY CHARGED phrases.

These are the graphic, explicit words and phrases that break through his "emotional impotence" and flip his arousal switch to heighten his desire and lust for you. Use them during passionate lovemaking or in sexy text messages to ramp up his desire. (Starts on page 49.)

You'll discover...

What to say if he's a "quick releaser." (Instantly turns his embarrassment into adoration and wins the key to his heart.)

What to say to compliment his "gifts" and manliness whether it's his size or ability or sense of adventure or sexiness. (Watch his chest swell with pride as he struts around the bedroom.)

What to say if he's a "stud" or a "bull" in the bedroom.(Encourages him to perform even better.)

What to say if he's big or thick. (Inflates his ego like you wouldn't believe.)

What to whisper in his ear at a restuarant...or movie theater...or bar...to get him in the mood.

What to say when you're cuddling or snuggling or spooning together and you want to take things further.

What to say if you're shy or hesitant to introduce dirty talk into your bedroom. (You'll find seductive phrases that will boost your confidence without fear of embarrassment or rejection.)

What to whisper when you're kissing him and you're feeling tingly and hot and bothered and you want things to escalate.

What to say when you're looking at him and feel an overwhelming rush of love, affection, and desire.

What to say while you're having steamy hot sex with him.

What to say to spur him on and excite him even more.

What to say to plant racy thoughts in his mind when you're touching him lovingly.

What to whisper in his ear to encourage him and bring out his raw, passionate desires when he's touching you intimately.

You'll also get...

Dirty talk phrases to build sexual tension.

Dirty talk phrases to intensify lovemaking.

Dirty talk phrases that make him obsessed with you and crave you.

These are the phrases that flood his mind with arousing, erotic, and naughty thoughts and have him completely under your seductive spell.

Don't worry, you won't have to memorize a single phrase...because you'll soon discover your favorite phrases that light his fire.

As you quickly scan through them, your mind will automatically categorize and sort them as teasing or flirty or complimenting or inflaming his desire.

You'll be thinking of situations where you can use each of the phrases you choose - in text messages, on a date, or when making love.

These phrases are your "mini notes" that you'll absorb subconsciously...and be able to use spontaneously.

When you start whispering sexy talk in his ear...

...when you encourage him with naughty words that inflame his lust for you...

...when you thrill him with indescribable sensations...

...it IMPRINTS on a deep, primal level that you're the only woman he believes can give him the electrifying, spine-tingling, mind-blowing sex most men never know exists.

This treasury of dirty talk has such a huge variety of spicy phrases for virtually any situation including compliments...ego strokers...commands...and flirtations.

You'll be able to keep things fresh and exciting in and out of the bedroom...including...

65 "HOT MESS" ESCALATORS that tell him exactly what you want...excite his lust for you...and PROPEL him to a FEVER PITCH to give you even more pleasure as you're making love to him. (Page 19.)

15 LUST INTENSIFIERS that whip him into a FRENZY of arousal and encourage him to attain new heights of passion and pleasure. (WARNING: May make him hard to forget you.) (Page 176.)

20 TEMPTINGLY SEDUCTIVE phrases that get him in the mood when you're feeling frisky and want to make love. Use them when you're at a restaurant or bar or movie theater or "innocently" drop them into text messages to inflame his desire. Make your man CRAVE you. (Page 39.)

50 SUPERHERO INTIMACY ACCELERATORS that CELEBRATE and HONOR your man, BOOST his ego, and make him feel like the best and most exciting lover in the world. These are subtle "cloaking devices" that effortlessly lure him in, win his heart, and make him yours. (Page 7.)

150 WICKEDLY TORRID "DONE-FOR-YOU" TEXT MESSAGES. Foreplay doesn't have to begin in the bedroom. Heighten and amplify the anticipation, desire, and excitement so he fantasizes about you before you meet or go on a date with these badass text messages. (Page 393.)

TOP 75 INNOCENT AND CHEEKY WORDS. Are you an angel by day and a naughty girl by night? Start using my exclusive list of 75 wonderfully innocent words that can be SEXUALLY CHARGED for seductive dirty talk. (Page 377.)

How to entice, charm, and MELT YOUR MAN'S HEART with SENSUAL, SULTRY FOREPLAY. These are some of the hottest, alluring, and bewitching moves that turn up the heat, INFLAME HIS DESIRE, and make him want to RAVISH you. (Page 356.)

QUICK AND EASY WAY TO REMEMBER what to say in the heat of the moment with my unique "Memory Cue System." No more fumbling for words or "my mind just went blank" with this simple system. (Page 420.)

DIRTY TALK FOR SOLO PLAY. In the mood but no-one to play with? Explore and pay tribute to your own sexuality and uniqueness. Honor your beauty. Rejoice in your sexiness. Gain greater confidence in your femininity. Put your imagination into HYPERSONIC MODE with these sexy phrases and use your private time to fantasize. Enjoy amazing self-pleasure when you're alone and you need immediate release. (Page 388.)

FOR MEN ONLY: 23 loving, adoring, and erotic phrases your man can use to show you how beautiful and special you are to him. These are your man's very own Cliffs Notes® he can use to make you feel cherished, appreciated, and adored, too! (Page 7.)

IN A LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP? DON'T SEE HIM OFTEN ENOUGH? HOW TO HAVE HOT VIDEO OR PHONE SEX. My secret 14-point checklist: What to do and what to say including naughty phrases that zero in on his PRIMAL URGES and make him LONG for you. (Page 310.)


7 SALACIOUS SEX GODDESS MOVES you can start using on your man right away. These SINFULLY erotic and ADDICTING maneuvers will make him OBSESSED with you.

They're much more powerful than Kama Sutra and are guaranteed to make your man WRITHE, GROAN, MOAN, and BELLOW with indescribable pleasure...if you dare to use them on him.

This is a select "specially-chosen-for-you" group of some of the most powerful, exhilarating, thrilling, BODY-QUAKING lovemaking techniques on the planet.

What's more, you won't find them showcased in a woman's magazine on a newstand because they're much too hot to handle.

They're the type of moves that win his heart and make him realize you're the ONLY woman who can give him this much CARNAL pleasure. (Starts on Page 364.)

That's just the beginning and a tiny sample of what you get in XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women.

These are the words and phrases - your special intimate "seduction codes" you and your man share - that REV UP his engine and turbocharge his desire for you.

And they're all yours to start using as early as tonight when you download XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women today.

And There's More
Sizzling Hot Deliciousness
Awaiting You And Your Man...

...because dirty talk is not only graphic words and phrases...it's also about special seductive "accelerators."

When he touches you...

...when he caresses you...

...when he tastes you...

...when he parts your natural seal...

...there are special words...




...and sounds...


...heighten the pleasure...

...create a closer bond...

...and make sex more intense...

...more stimulating...

...and more spectacular.

These are the times to be savored in the moment and cherished for years to come.

That's why you'll also get...

21 "CRAVING" Phrases that signal your passionate desire for him, urge him on, and tell him what to do to maximize your pleasure. When you're in your "pleasure zone" and in a FRENZY OF AROUSAL, these phrases spur him on to even greater heights of pleasure...and make him rejoice that you're the "devil in disguise." (Page 227.)

45 TEASING, ENTICING, FLIRTY, and JUICY dirty talk phrases that are like a SEXUAL LIGHTENING ROD that revs up his engine. (Page 151.)

60 WICKED WAYS to tempt and arouse your man with your beauty and feminine wiles. Brace yourself for fun, THRILLS, and other sexy action. You'll have your man eating out of your hand and worshipping the ground you walk on when you start using them in your relationship. (Page 341.)

48 SUPER TITILLATING, TANTALIZING, and AROUSING Coupon Phrases that add fun and excitement to your relationship. Tuck them in his coat pocket or under his pillow and prepare yourself for hot, passionate lovemaking tonight. (Pages 270 and 276.)

6 SIZZLING Erotic Sex Scenes to tickle your imagination and use in your own relationship to turn up the heat in your bedroom. Strictly ADULT content that includes moves, techniques, and dirty talk that you can use in your own lovemaking. (Pages 28, 172, 203, 217, 273, 303.)

30 of the HOTTEST things many men like - and want - during sex. Some are naughty. Some are taboo. Some are guaranteed to make him writhe and moan and even go over the edge. Have you even thought of doing number 10 and number 15? Some women don't even know these moves exist. (Page 302.)

25 HOT, EROTIC WAYS to "WOO" your man with seductive foreplay to add more fun to your sex life. These are the secrets skilled seductresses use to capture a man's heart. Don't give other women an unfair advantage and risk losing your man to a temptress. Make him DESPERATE for you tonight. (Page 355.)

180 PHRASES YOU CAN USE WITH A SUBMISSIVE MAN that show your possessive, dominating, and commanding side. Switch things up in a dominant/submissive relationship and show him who's the BOSS in the bedroom. (Page 175.)

FAILURE TO LAUNCH? ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION SEX: 18 HOT MOVES you can make on your man if he has Erectile Dysfunction. These powerfully exhilarating moves will show him SIZZLING SEX is STILL POSSIBLE even if he has a “hydraulics issue.” Works for men without erectile dysfunction, too. (Page 364.)

Are you an AMAZING lover? 20 things many men think make a woman an amazing lover. How do you measure up to other women or to your man's past lovers? (Page 298.)

Do you want STEAMIER SEX that sends delightful SHIVERS down your spine? Natural source for better lubrication, more sensation, greater sexual pleasure, and BIGGER, BADDER, BETTER ORGASMS! As easy as popping a pill. Works for your man, too, especially if he has "hydraulics" issues, to help make him as hard as steel. (Page 328.)

And much, much more.

Each of the phrases in XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women is designed to heighten the passion, intensify the lust, and inflame the desire in your lovemaking.

Better still, you can...

Use Sexy Dirty Talk Phrases
In Your Text Messages, Too...

...and ramp up the excitement and anticipation for passionate lovemaking.

Sexy text messages are one of the best and easiest ways to heighten feelings and get your partner in the mood...FAST!

That's why many of the sexy dirty talk phrases in XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women can be used in text messages, too.

Best part: You no longer have to stare at your phone wondering what to say when he wants to talk dirty...or you want to get him "in the mood."

Use these "done-for-you" texts word-for-word or quickly and easily modify them to suit your own circumstances.

Then text them to your man when he's at work...or at the gym...or on the subway...to inflame his lust and desire and prepare him for an afternoon or night of steamy, passionate, lovemaking.

I guarantee your sexy text messages with activate his hidden FREAKY SIDE.

He'll play your texts over and over in his imagination like an action movie, conjuring images and racy scenes that excite his thirst for passionate sex with you.

With XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women as your guide you'll discover how to electrify your sex life to a whole new level starting tonight.

It's all laid bare with nothing held back in this hands-on exposé of one of the most powerful sexual skills available to you.

Let me ask you this...

Have you ever thought about the cost to your happiness if you aren't pleasing your man sexually?

Imagine for a moment the hurt...the pain...the anguish...and the humiliation you'd feel if you discovered...

The Man You Love
Is Privately Dissatisfied
With His Sex Life!

...and is feeling lonely...bored...and neglected...

...or, worse still, is sexually interested in another woman...

...because you're not daring or bold or seductive in the bedroom.

And imagine how embarrassed, unloved, and unwanted you'd feel if you knew he was losing interest in you every time you made love to him...because he thought you were boring or too "vanilla" or sexually unadventurous.

There won't be any doubt whatsoever you're pleasing your man when you use sexy dirty talk...because you'll see instant results.

In fact, don't be surprised if your man is so impressed with your skill as a lover that he's left breathless after you've seduced him with these sexy words.

So what will you say when your man asks you to talk dirty?

Will you feel a stab of fear in the pit of your stomach and mumble something lame and mood-destroying?

Will you recoil in horror or disgust at the very suggestion?

Will you suddenly find your mind goes completely blank in the heat of the moment?

Will you feel humiliated when he laughs at your feeble attempts to turn him on?

Or will you see an amazing opportunity to...

Supercharge Your Sex Life
And Satisfy Your Craving For
Ultimate Sexual Happiness
And Pleasure

What's it really worth to you to ELECTRIFY your sex life with dirty talk?

A sex life that ignites the burning fires of passion...and fans the flames of intimate closeness and deep connection.

One based on love, affection, trust, and appreciation for each other.

What's it worth to have your man give you intense pleasure and fulfill your sexual fantasies?

What's it worth to be...

...the woman he can't get out of his mind...

...the woman he fantasizes about...

...the woman who excites his imagination...

...the woman he can't live without?

You can be in a relationship with the most wonderful, loyal, supportive, patient man in the world.

But a sexless marriage or relationship - or losing your man to another woman - can be a devastating blow and leave you feeling inadequate, unloveable, betrayed...and abandoned.

You could spend thousands of dollars dragging your man to expensive "couples therapy" because of a dead bedroom and still not get any results.

It could take you years of expensive therapy or self-help and cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to repair your shattered confidence and re-build your self-esteem because you feel unloved and unwanted.

Fortunately, you don't have to invest thousands or even hundreds of dollars to get amazing results in your love life.

Instead, your life-long investment is a modest one-time payment of $47 US - less than what it would be for a nice meal at a fancy restaurant (where you can seduce your man the next time you're out).

It's a mere drop in the bucket when you consider a lifetime of sexual pleasure and happiness that await you.

In fact, I'm so confident that XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women will help improve your relationship and your sex life that I back it up with a...

60-Day “Excite Him And Delight Him”
100% Money-Back Guarantee...

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Try XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women with NO RISK.

Browse through it.

Put it to the test...

TURN your man’s head...fill his mind with lustful thoughts...and make him hot for you...even when he's tired after a long day.

AWAKEN his desire for you...and keep the "spark" alive...even when he says he's “not in the mood.”

THRILL him with stimulating words that excite his imagination and stir his fantasies about you.

CREATE SEXUAL TENSION and spice things up with erotic, naughty, suggestive, flirtatious text messages that set the stage for an exciting time as early as tonight.

WATCH him fall completely under your bewitching charm and worship your body when you whisper "bad girl" naughty words in his ear.

MIND MELD with him on a deep intimate level using sexy words, tones, and phrases that bond him to you even more and inspire him to be a better and more exciting and adventurous lover.

STEAL HIS HEART as your words create a FEVER of uncontrollable desire that cascades over him.

LAUNCH HIS HEAT-SEEKING ROCKET with saucy...salacious...sassy words and moves that fire up his raging lust like a blazing wild fire.

LEAD HIM INTO TEMPTATION with your irresistible sultry moves, naughty ways, and seductive words.

PLEASE AND SATISFY HIM with one or more of the unique and clever moves I show you that stimulate him and leave him breathless and satiated.

MAKE HIM MOAN AND GROAN using moves, sounds, words, whispers, touches, strokes, sensations, and techniques that are too hard to resist.

LET GO OF YOUR INHIBITIONS AND FEARS and succumb to the ultimate pleasure as he RAVISHES the treasures of your body.

USE your magical words and sounds to amplify every touch, every caress, every sensation, for bigger, stronger, ultra-intense, super-satisfying orgasms.

HOLD HIM UNDER YOUR HYPNOTIC SPELL with your feminine wiles as you use your wooing and seductive skills to entrance him.

GO DIRECTLY to page 365 and use one or two of the THRILLING signature Sex Goddess Moves in your lovemaking tonight.

There's not a single doubt in my mind that these dirty talk phrases can skyrocket your confidence and transform your sex life from dull, boring, and routine to sizzling hot, steamy, and passionate.

That's why I stand 100% behind this amazing treasury of sex secrets: If at any time during the first 60 days the astonishing techniques you discover in XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women don't bring more passionate and more satisfying sex to your love life, simply let me know and you’ll get an immediate, no-hassle, no-questions-asked refund.

You have nothing to lose...except this extraordinary opportunity to create a loving and intensely passionate relationship with the man you love.


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Download XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women Here ($47 US)
(Payment by VISA or MasterCard)
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And there’s more....

Resuscitate And Breathe New Excitement
Into Your Intimate Relationship

XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women is deceptively erotic and is intended for adventurous adult audiences only.

It’s titillating.

It’s suggestive.

It's explicit.

It’s tastefully graphic...without being degrading or shaming or humiliating.

Seductive dirty talk crosses the threshold from innocent words to graphic words that lovers are comfortable using in an intimate setting.

If you're offended by graphic words in a sexual context or you don't enjoy passionate lovemaking or hot, steamy sex using suggestive and explicit dirty words, then this is not for you.

These aren't just naughty or dirty words that tell your man what you want...or what turns you on...or what you want to try.

They're the magical way to express your emotions...your pleasure...your desires...your fantasies...and your lust...that strengthens your connection...bond...intimacy...and closeness...with the man you love and adore.

When you exclaim about his size...or his thickness...or you praise him for the way he looks...or you tell him how good he feels...you're cementing the bond you share with your man in a moment of deep, intimate passion.

What's more, these cleverly crafted phrases in XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women aren't guesswork.

These are phrases and words that have been...

Tried And Tested
In The Real World...

...with thousands of men.

And they work...

...amazingly well...

...to inflame a man's desire and passion.

They've worked in my own love life.

And they can work in your love life, too.

Have you ever noticed how EASY it is to flirt with a man?

And how easy it is to get a response from him?

Men are WIRED to respond to a woman's feminine charm. It's in their nature. It's like they have a built-in radar system that hones in and locks onto a woman's playfulness, seductiveness, and feminine qualities.

And it almost seems like you're TELEPATHICALLY CONTROLLING HIS MIND to get the response you want from him.

Best of all, it doesn't matter whether he's your husband, boyfriend, lover, or one night stand, because he won't be able to resist you.

Seductive Dirty Talk is MUCH more powerful than flirting, especially when you're making hot, passionate, love.

That's why I'm so certain you'll discover ideas and techniques that excite your man's imagination...add fun to your sex life...increase your man's desire for you... and bring you more pleasure.

You'll quickly see that seductive dirty talk is passionately hot...and a powerful addition to your sexual repertoire that puts more excitement into your lovemaking.

In fact, I'm sure XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women can help transform a ho-hum, dull, lackluster, or “so-so” sex life into one of intense pleasure.

And there's more...

I'll show you creative, clever, and innovative ways to use these words and phrases to excite his imagination, inflame his desire, and make him lust after you...without feeling awkward or ashamed or embarrassed or "cheap"...or like a porn star or an escort.

That's the reason I've also included...

Erotic And Passionate
Roleplaying Scenes
For Inspiration In
Your Own Lovemaking

XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women goes beyond exciting and arousing dirty talk...

...because it also includes four fantasy roleplaying and erotic scenes that use dirty talk in them.

As well, you'll discover a select group of the hottest lover's techniques and exciting Sex Goddess moves taken directly from How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed that ramp things up for more passionate and steamy lovemaking.

I don't want to give away all of the secrets here. But let me just say this:

These Sex Goddess moves are so powerful...and so exciting they'll have your man moaning, groaning, and writhing with pleasure and wondering where on earth you learned to do "that."

They're no ordinary, run-of-the-mill techniques, either.

They're a select group of PULSE POUNDING MOVES that will dazzle, delight, and thrill him.

Whether it's the famous Sumo Squat...or the Stairway to Heaven...or the Planet Probe...or the Reverse Docking Maneuver...your man will find these techniques so HOT, so INTENSE, and so BODY-SHAKINGLY PLEASING that it's the type of sex most men only DREAM about.

So...if you've ever wanted to spice things up in the bedroom because things are becoming boring, then these Sex Goddess moves combined with my fantasy roleplaying and erotic scenes are the perfect recipe to help you get out of a rut.

You'll feel like the leading actress in a romantic movie, transported to another time and place as you use your feminine wiles in each erotic love scene...encouraging, inspiring, and motivating your leading man to greater heights of passion and pleasure.

Each of these short fantasy roleplaying and erotic scenes is shamelessly immodest...salacious...even scandalous...

In All About Heat the seductress greets her muscular man at the door dressed in nothing but a short black satin robe. Things heat up quickly as she drops her robe in front of him and leads him to the bedroom where he discovers he's with a skilled lover who knows how to please and satisfy him. (Page 43.)

In Hold Me Tightly it's a young couple's "first time" together during a romantic getaway. Don't let the title fool you because this romantic and erotic story quickly escalates to steamy, passionate lovemaking that makes them fall deeper in love with each other. (Page 258.)

In Hot Desire you'll be transported to another dimension where the hero anticipates the heroine's arrival with excitement. It's a passionate story that takes lovemaking to a new level and culminates in both of them being spent and feeling satiated as they breathlessly collapse in each other's arms. (Page 318.)

In Everything Laid Bare the heroine is seduced and made love to by a devilishly handsome, experienced lover, skilled in the art of lovemaking. It's like reading the sex scene of a romance novel as things quickly heat up and end in a thrilling climax. (Page 330.)

In A Night To Remember you'll relive an exciting and passionate love story as Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome walks into the heroine's life by chance. It's filled with flirtations, dirty talk, and passionate lovemaking that is exciting, steamy, and hot...and culminates in an explosive ending. (Starts on Page 517 and includes TWO ALTERNATE ENDINGS of even more lust and erotic passion.)

These are hot, steamy, graphic, explicit, erotic stories that “walk the talk” and show you how to use sexy dirty talk and advanced sex techniques in your lovemaking for hotter, more passionate, more satisfying sex.

And it doesn't stop there...

Have you ever wanted to know your man's deepest, darkest sexual likes - or his unvoiced sexual dislikes - but you've been too shy to ask him?

Or perhaps you want your man to know your sexual likes, dislikes, and desires...including things you'd like to do or try at least once but you've been hesitating to bring up the subject.

Now there's no reason to be shy or feel awkward or to hesitate when you have my...

Exclusive And Erotically Creative
“Yes/No/Maybe” Sex Checklist...

...in your hands.

With more than 80 sizzling hot, sexy, and tastefully taboo topics ranging from “A to Z” you'll have tons of fun discussing, planning, and exploring so there aren't any surprises in the heat of the moment.

Best part: You'll both be on the same page...and know exactly what to expect - or experiment with - during loveplay.

There won't be any doubt about what's a green light and what's definitely off limits.

And there's more...

My exclusive and erotically creative “Yes/No/Maybe” Sex Checklist is no ordinary checklist.

That's because it doesn't stop at 80 sizzling hot, sexy, and tastefully taboo topics. Instead, it's been expanded to explore and dive in deeper to understand sexual likes, dislikes, and preferences you and your man have including:

Favorite Positions For Ultimate Pleasure (Naughty girl and bad girl sex positions that bring the greatest enjoyment, exhilaration, pleasure, and satisfaction to both you and your man.)

Role Playing For More Excitement And Fun (Add more sizzle and excitement as you and your man spice things up with 37 different roles you can play to heighten the lust and desire for each other.)

Secret Sex Fantasies For Bigger Thrills (Explore HOT new areas of enjoyment when you and your man reveal deep, dark secrets about fantasies you'd both like to try.)

Biggest Turn-ons (Erotic Hot Spots. Shocking Secret Desires. Discover what it takes to turn your man on and rocket him to the ultimate heights of pleasure. Be prepared to be amazed by his secret dirty thoughts that he's never revealed to you before!)

Sex Room Checklist. (Indulge in any fantasy and explore every desire that strikes your fancy. Transport yourself to another dimension and get away from the stress of everyday life. Use my exclusive checklist to design your very own intimate "Love Nest," "Kink Room," "Sex Room," or "Whatever-You-Want-To-Call-It Room" with colors, lighting, furniture, mirrors, a relaxing soaker tub, and pleasure toys that create the mood for deeper connection and more passionate, more exciting, and more intimate lovemaking.)

Hot And Erotic Things Many Men Crave (But Are Afraid To Ask For) (From plain and simple to naughty and primal, this 20-item list is your secret gateway to fulfilling his deepest, darkest sexual desires and fantasies.)

Best of all, my “Yes/No/Maybe” Sex Checklist is one of the quickest and easiest ways to not only establish sexual boundaries but also to open up new areas to explore together for more spice, adventure, and variety in the bedroom.

Discover What You’ve Been Missing
In Your Love Life And Relationship...
And How To Experience Some Of The
Best Sex Of Your Life...

You could read hundreds of racy romance novels or erotic stories and fantasize about being wrapped in a man's strong arms or being caressed and touched to a fever pitch.

But it's not the same as completely surrendering to your man and feeling his manly warm skin against your hot, aroused body as he makes steamy, passionate love to you.

This is an amazing opportunity to spice up not only your sex life but also your relationship.

Now, at last, the curtain is being lifted to reveal some of the hottest words and phrases specifically created for sexually adventurous women like you so you can inflame your man's lust and desire.

These are the very same words and phrases sexually talented women use to arouse their man in and out of the bedroom.

XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women is the springboard for a happier relationship and deeper, closer, more satisfying connection with the man you love.

Whether you're inexperienced...submissive...or shy...or whether you're a talented or dominant lover who wants to "up your game" even more...XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women will help you elevate your lovemaking to new heights of steamy hot, passionate pleasure with...

Words And Phrases
So Powerful And So Titillating
They Give You
Greater Confidence
In The Bedroom

After all, there's nothing sexier - and more admired and respected - than a confident, skillful lover in the bedroom.

A lover who knows what she wants and asks for what she wants.

A lover who knows how to arouse her man and give him maximum pleasure.

When you seductively whisper sexy, suggestive words in his ear...

When you skillfully perform a new move he’s secretly been fantasizing about but has been afraid to tell you...

When you move your body in tantalizing ways that are so sexy and pleasuring that he's driven wild with lust and exhilarating sensations...

You'll feel...








and LOVED.

Better still, he'll be OBSESSED with you.

He won't be able to get you out of his mind.

You'll be his very first thought in the morning...and his very last thought when he goes to sleep.

Even better:

You will OWN THE BEDROOM like no other woman can.

And you'll be the prize he has to work hard to win over.

Flip His “Love Switch” And
Supercharge Your Sex Life
For More Passionate Lovemaking

This is your opportunity to...

...explore your deepest sexual fantasies...

...push your sexual boundaries...

...talk about your secret desires without shame...guilt...or embarrassment...

...and connect with your man on a whole new level.

YES, it really is true:

Amazing, Off-The-Charts, OMG! Sex IS entirely possible.

And it's waiting for you and your man to explore and experience as early as tonight.

> If your sex life is lacking the body-tingling heat, fire, and excitement it once had...

> If your man has lost interest or seems less interested in having sex with you...

> If you no longer experience the thrill of sex the way you used to...

> If you yearn for more romance, intimacy, touching, and passion...

> If you want to deepen your connection and bond with your man and not lose him to another woman...

> If you want to add more adventure and greater pleasure to your love life...

> If you want to feel sexy...desired...cherished...lusted after...and have your man wrap his big, strong arms around you...

> If you want your man to crave you so you can enjoy HOTTER sex with more intense pleasure...

> If you want to be the BEST LOVER he's ever had...and have MORE SEX, MORE OFTEN...

> If you want to enjoy PASSIONATE - even WILD - SEX with your man without shame...guilt...or self-doubt...

> If you want to know exactly what to say to your man in a restaurant that gets him squirming in his chair and rushing home to your bedroom...

...then download XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women today.

I’m sure you - and your man - will be very happy you did.

Blaine Barrington
Sex and Relationship Coach

P.S. Do you want to experience the ELECTRIFYING THRILL of amazing sex with the man you love? It’s entirely possible when you discover the erotic language of seduction.

XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women is more than about "improving" your sex life. It's about lighting it on fire!

If you're a tiny bit adventurous...and you want to enhance your man's pleasure so he’ll never forget you as a skilled, passionate, sizzling, red-hot lover...and you'd be thrilled to hear him whisper in your ear that sex with you is amazing...then download XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women today.

My 100% money-back guarantee puts ALL of the risk on me...and makes it safe and easy for you to try out.

PPS. If you’ve ever wondered whether your man is SECRETLY DISSATISFIED with your lovemaking and wants more sizzle...or you suspect he's looking for something more...or you fear he could stray into the arms of another woman...then start overcoming those doubts with the "naughty girl" insider erotic language secrets in XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women. Download XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women today.

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