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The Ultimate Guide
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Girl Gets Great Guy

Dear Sexually Adventurous Friend...

If you were granted one magic wish about your sex life, what would it be?

Would it be...

More affection?

More excitement?

More foreplay?

More passion?

More pleasure?

More romance?

More satisfaction?

More stimulation?

More variety?

Would it be...wild, lustful, uninhibited sex?

Or would it be...tender, sensual, passionate lovemaking?

Whether you want...

...steamy, torrid, ravishing, “can't-wait-to-rip-each-other's-clothes-off,” mind-blowing sex...

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...you're invited to discover for the next 60 days, completely at my risk, how to experience some of the best sex of your life with your husband, boyfriend, or lover using an amazing array of “For Your Eyes Only” sex secrets.

In this special treasury of sex secrets - reserved for the sexually adventurous woman who wants to please her man in the bedroom - you’ll discover...

How to quickly give your man an erotic charge that inflames his lust and desire for you

How to give your man “knock-his-socks-off,” “rock-his-world,” bigger, badder, more intense orgasms

How to have sheet-grabbing, toe-curling, heart-pounding sex

How to feel hot, sexy, and seductive and be loved...desired...and cherished by your man

How to win your man’s undying love, respect, and devotion

How to re-ignite - and sustain - the blazing-hot passion, desire, and lust in your relationship

How to become an extraordinary lover and awaken, fulfill, and satisfy your sexual and intimacy needs

The powerful secrets you'll discover can drive your man to new heights of pleasure...even if you have frequent sex with him...or you think you know what he likes in bed...or even if you think he's completely satisfied with his sex life.

Drawn from eminent sexologists, trusted sex advisors, respected pleasure coaches, savvy sex educators, and “field-tested” research, you’ll be able to use these little-known sex secrets to take your man over the edge more intensely and more frequently...giving him the ultimate sexual pleasure he’s almost certainly never before experienced in his life.

Why do I say that with so much confidence?

The reason is simple...

These sex secrets are the same ones I have used in my own lovemaking. They are exciting “tried and true” methods that will take your sex life to new and exhilarating heights of hot, steamy pleasure.

Best of all...these sex secrets are proven to be AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE...because I know from first-hand experience that they make a man happy and they help keep a relationship rock solid.

I can also tell you this from my personal experience and as a trusted sex coach to adventurous women...

If your relationship is sexually dissatisfying - like one in three relationships reported in an ABC News® survey - or if your man is sexually dissatisfied or frustrated...or your sex life has become dull and boring...then these secrets can have a dramatic and powerful impact not only on your love life but also on your relationship...as the bond and connection with your partner grows closer and stronger with each passing day.

Now, for the first time, you’ll discover...

The Ultimate Sex Secrets
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Drive Their Man WILD In Bed...

...starting with foreplay he secretly craves but is ashamed to admit…even to you. When you stimulate this super-sensitive moan-zone described on page 66, you’ll see his arousal and desire skyrocket through the roof.

Plus, you’ll also discover...

>> 2 shocking pleasure zones that give him sheet-grabbing pleasure. (Warning: He's embarrassed to tell you about them because they immediately put him under your feminine spell.) (Pages 72 and 252.)

>> HOTTER FOREPLAY. Thrill every nook and cranny of his body with these 9 “bad girl moves” that make good girls blush. (Page 346.)

>> Looking for complex, complicated, hard-to-master Kama Sutra sex positions with fancy names? Phffffft! Forget about them. There’s no need to twist yourself into a pretzel or pretend you’re a wishbone to experience peak pleasure. Instead, discover 12 of the hottest and most intensely satisfying sex positions that give maximum exhilaration without having to strain muscles or hurt your back. PLUS, 2 "acrobatic" ones reserved for sexually adventurous couples only. (Starts on page 161.)

>> Turn up the raw, sexual heat in the bedroom. 4 top rated Fun Pleasure Playthings for couples. Buy them and try them for bigger, better, badder thrills. (Page 64.)

>> 5 wickedly-wild "sex play" techniques that cause him to totally surrender to your playful seductiveness. You sexy, naughty girl, you! (Starts on page 215.)

>> The Ultimate Pleasure Enhancer reserved exclusively for the adventurous man. Shock him. Delight him. WOW him. Take him to explosive heights with this erotic “mouth and finger” move. (Starts on page 71.)

>> Legally steal this “member-exclusive” love technique used by only the most talented lovers. This amazingly powerful erotic technique is virtually unknown - and rarely used - and yet is so arousing and mind-boggling it's guaranteed to Rock His World.(Full details on page 29.)

>> My proprietary 15-step system for stimulating and arousing your man and taking him over the edge using a devilishly clever hand technique together with this little-known, seldom-used pleasure toy. (Page 579.)

Rarely will you find in one place such tastefully explicit, easy-to-understand, step-by-step guidelines to pleasing your man.

And you'll be hard-pressed to find this collection of wildly erotic secrets in the clear, concise, and detailed way I've presented...so they are quick and easy to apply to your next lovemaking session.

It's all laid bare with nothing held back in this hands-on exposé of sexual skills and techniques most women don't even know about...let alone have mastered.

Imagine how humiliated you'd feel if you discovered...

Your Man Is Dissatisfied
With His Sex Life!

...or is sexually interested in another woman...because you can't please him or you're not sexy enough in the bedroom.

And imagine how embarrassed, unloved, and unwanted you'd feel if you knew he was losing interest in you every time you made love to him...because he thought you were boring or too "vanilla" or sexually unadventurous.

Now you'll be able to cast off any doubts whatsoever because you’ll know exactly how to turn even the smallest amount of dissatisfaction into nothing short of amazement…and profound, unreserved respect for your skill as a lover with these advanced bedroom skills...

>> 3 little-known but intensely hot and thrilling erotic male “nerve centers” most women overlook, let alone stimulate. Warning: Beware of his explosive reaction. (Page 394.)

>> What's your SUPERPOWER in the bedroom? 9 types of sexual “play” that turn him on and thrill him to the moon. Includes special technique for uncircumcised men. (Pages 288 and 320.)

>> 10 man-handling moves that zero in on his 8 special "whimper-zones." These are the hot “man places” he hopes you'll pay more attention to. Don't ignore them because once you've discovered them you'll have him begging for more. (See pages 415 and 456.)

>> Flip his arousal switch when you touch this little-known pleasure-pathway. It's just aching to be stimulated but most women ignore it or don't even know it exists! (Page 460.)

>> How good at sex are you really? 50 HOTTEST bedroom moves that turn men on...and magically lead to happy endings. (Starts on page 455.)

>> Seduction Tricks: 5 proven and highly effective ways to instantly arouse your man without even touching him! (Pages 10 and 134.)

>> 9 Pulse Pounding Signature Moves that will have him aching for you so much he'll count down the minutes until you're together again. (Pages 10 and 352 for all the details.)

>> The Stallion Stroke: The eroticly stimulating technique that, when combined with just one other small move, can take your man over the finish line. Very effective! (See page 515 for this titillating technique.)

>> Dazzle him. Delight him. Thrill him. Top 3 amazing moves that can magically elevate you to “Sex Goddess” status. (Page 395.)

>> Your private step-by-step guide to brazen, erotic “fingertip play” when performing tantalizing, uninhibited sex. (Page 252.)

These are no ordinary, run-of-the-mill sex moves.

In fact, this is...

The Type Of Sex
Most Men Only Dream About

Many of these moves are bold techniques every woman, no matter what level of “experience,” should master to keep her man happy and satisfied.

They're so HOT, so INTENSE, and so BODY-SHAKINGLY PLEASING that...

...he wlll never for one moment feel cheated or deprived of the best sex of his life...

...when he experiences the "turbocharged" rush triggered by this arousingly animalistic and seductive lovemaking.

What I reveal to you in this treasury of jealously-guarded sex secrets is so much more effective - and quicker - than discovering on your own through years of trial and error.

Better still, How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed will become a "SEXUAL AWAKENING" as you throw off the constraints and limitations you've had in your sex life.

It's like taking...

An Advanced Crash Course In
“Sexual Man-Pleasing”

In How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed you'll discover an untapped treasure trove of secrets that inflame your man's lustful desire for you including...

>> 2 spellbinding ways to quickly give your man an erotic charge and ignite his sexual hunger for you. These centuries-old seduction tricks are guaranteed to reduce even strong, manly, macho men to putty in your hands. (Pages 53 and 66.)

>> 40 shameless sex questions to ask him to find out what his deepest, darkest sex secrets are and what REALLY turns him on. It will feel like you're reading his mind and you'll find out how naughty he really is. (Page 48.)

>> 16 flirty and suggestive text messages that excite his imagination and get him in the mood before he arrives at your doorstep. (Page 10.)

>> The little-used, seductive sex technique many women totally ignore or don't use properly and yet has such a POWERFUL EFFECT on their man. I'll show you how to use this "Sexual Kung Fu" technique the right way so that it drives him CRAZY. Bonus benefit: He'll become totally ADDICTED to you and have eyes only for you. (Page 19.)

>> 2 types of sexy women whose “natural look” down there intoxicates a man. Many women get this wrong by defying Mother Nature and disappoint their man instead of inflaming his desire. Are you one of these women? (Find out on page 15.)

>> 9 hot, romantic, and erotic sex scenes. Push the boundaries and put his imagination into overdrive. It's a powerful way to excite him and heighten the anticipation of things to come. (Starts on page 40.)

>> Does he make a fuss about putting on mood-destroying condoms and put you at risk for pregnancy or disease? Two easy ways to shut down his complaints and still keep him happy. Plus, condom size chart and online sources for private and confidential ordering. (Pages 69, 279, and 367.)

>> The little-known, seductively erotic bedroom POSE that instantly arouses a man and sparks, stirs, and inflames lustful thoughts that lead to passionate "OMG! THAT FEELS AMAZING" lovemaking. It has nothing to do with wearing see-through lingerie or posing naked in the doorway. (Page 689.)

>> 9 amazing "Cheat-Proof Moves" that electrify the sex in your relationship and stop him from looking at other women. One of the top reasons men cheat in a relationship is because they're not satisfied with their sex life. Now he won't have a wandering eye because the sex is too exciting with you. (See Page 368 for details.)

>> Ramp things up in the bedroom: 8 hot, sexy, “oh-that-feels-so-good” places to touch him to get him closer to the edge. (Starts on page 203.)

>> 12 electrifying, exciting, thrilling ways to use your lips, your tongue, your mouth, your fingers, and your hands to make him writhe, moan, groan, and gasp with unrestrained pleasure. (See page 223.)

>> How to be the type of seductress he fantasizes about. He'll think to himself, "WOW. No woman in my life has ever done THAT before!" (Page 368.)

>> Yee-haw! Ride 'em cowgirl. Badass ridin' move that has him moanin', buckin', and writhin' and sends him through the roof. (HOT!) (Page 162.)

And that's just the beginning of what's in store for you as you venture deeper into his hot-spots, moan zones, and hidden erotic nerve centers.

As you delve into more exciting and pleasurable sex adventures in How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed, you’ll soon realize that knowing how to please your man isn't a talent that comes naturally or automatically. Instead, you'll discover that...

Amazing Lovers Are Created
Not Born

I cannot emphasize enough that it takes much more than having sex - or having frequent sex - to become an extraordinary, man-pleasing lover.

In other words, you don't have to lay down the treasures of your body with a lot of men to become an amazing "Sex Goddess" lover.

After all, if mere repetition were the answer to greatness, a short order cook would become a respected Master Chef simply from flipping hundreds of burgers on a grill.

You see, a Master Chef acquires a wealth of skills through more than training.

And it's the same with sexual skills.

Have you ever wondered...

What Makes The Difference Between
An “Ordinary” or “So-So” Lover And An
Extraordinary Lover?

It's through specialized knowledge.

What's more, you become a superior lover - your man's “Love Goddess” - by the way you use that knowledge to give him pleasure.

So you see, using specialized knowledge sets you apart from other, less experienced, lovers.

These aren't techniques everyone uses.

Far from it.

Instead, they're unique insider techniques most women don't even know about...let alone use.

How do I know?

Because virtually all of the men I talk to have never, ever, experienced the mind-blowing effect of the sex techniques you'll discover in How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed.

This exclusive - even unconventional - knowledge adds new, stimulating, and powerfully erotic techniques to your sexual repertoire.

These are the techniques that surprise, dazzle, and delight your man...and take him to ultimate heights of pleasure.

I must stress though, there’s one key difference between a Master Chef's training and transforming yourself into a talented lover.

Whereas a Master Chef can take months - even years - of effort to perfect his or her culinary skills, you only need a few short minutes to apply these erotic, pulse-pounding moves to exhilarate and satisfy your man in bed.

Better still, you can quickly and easily “order up” an exciting array of sexy and seductive new moves straight from the vast menu of tricks and techniques I've prepared specially for you so you can give your man mind-blowing sex...he will never forget.

You see, women who are expert lovers have discovered...

Unusual And Exciting Ways
To Turn A Man On

More importantly, they know how to please their man in not just one or two ways but in many different ways with simple, easy-to-master techniques including...

>> 15 guy-pleasuring hot-spots every woman should know. Use these HOT “hand tricks” to quickly take him to the edge. (Page 523.)

>> Bad girl sex for good girls (and even naughty girls): The secret technique that thrills him more than anything else and takes him over the edge. Not only won't he be able to get you out of his mind, this technique is guaranteed to have him coming back for more! (Page 62.)

>> Catch him. Melt him. Keep him. I reveal my favorite source of 101 secrets savvy women use to keep their man happy in and out of the bedroom. (Page 138.)

>> Intimate PILLOW TALK: 17 erotically charged questions every woman should ask her sweetheart so she knows how to get him in the mood...turn him on...and keep him obsessed with her. (Page 81.)

>> Heard horror stories about "Taboo Play" that have you anxious and worried? There's no need to be with these 20+ tips on what to do, what not to do, and how to do it for ultimate fun and enjoyment. (Pages 118 and 251.)

>> Confused about which pleasure toys to buy for yourself or your man? I've got you covered. Now you don't have to waste your money "experimenting" with new-to-market or untested toys when you see my special list of pleasure toys that bring maximum thrills and sensations to you and your man. Plus, sex toy safety tips from a sex toy educator that you've never even heard about...including toys that can be dangerous to your health. (Pages 64, 190, 278, and 435.)

>> 45 flirty, suggestive, sexy, subtle, and sneaky ways to get his attention. There's nothing crude about these arousal flooding methods, but WOW do they work! (Page 266.)

>> The tricky "Little Finger" Maneuver. Nothing to do with Game of Thrones but he'll think he's a King when you try this magical move on him. (Page 198.)

>> "Take me," you whisper seductively in his ear. Too lame and tame for you? Well, these definitely aren't: More than 100 sizzling hot, XXX, adult-rated, sexy dirty talk phrases bad girls use to seductively arouse, seduce, and excite their man. Works for sexting, too. FOR ADVENTUROUS ADULTS ONLY. (Secret hidden link for this massive 300+ page, erotically charged, never-before-revealed, exclusive report is on page 206. Yours free if you dare to access it.)

>> 101 Hot and Naughty "Sex Goddess Moves" that will drive him completely NUTS in bed. Let the magic begin: Numbers 22 and 25 are hot moves but numbers 4, 29, and 96 are so SPICY he'll be begging for mercy.(Don't say you weren't warned!) (Starts on page 446.)

>> OMG. HE DID WHAT? Strange and weird sexual 'things' guys do that are totally normal but freak some women out. (Page 247.)

>> Mismatched sex drives? You're raring to go and he's showing no interest at all? 3-step process to help synchronize your drives so you can have the type of sex and relationship you always dreamed of. (Use this process for supercharging a declining sex life, too.) (Page 280.)

>> Make him hot for you. Sinfully seductive words and tantalizing phrases that have him thinking about you all day and aching for you all night. Works in naughty text messages, too! (Starts on page 10.)

>> 2 uncharted areas on your man's body you can explore and stimulate to send electrifying shock waves coursing through his body...as soon as tonight. (Starts on page 62.)

>> Period sex grosses him (or you) out but it's one of your friskiest times of the month? Nothing to worry about or be embarrassed about with these 14 alternatives and solutions that make it virtually mess free as well as pleasurable for you both. (Page 286.)

>> Caught your guy "in the act" by himself? 4 things to avoid doing that humiliate even the strongest, manliest man and 4 things you can say and do that will win his love, adoration, and respect for you forever. (See page 305.)

>> 7 tantalizing, “field-tested,” scents that stimulate his senses and arouse his feelings of lust for you. (See page 20.)

>> How to quickly get him “in the mood” for fun in the bedroom even after he’s had a hard day at work and comes home exhausted. (Page 89.)

>> NO MORE BORING SEX! 58 Super Quick And Easy - but VERY powerful - ways to enhance and elevate your lovemaking. TURBOCHARGE your lovemaking and take it from boring to exciting in seconds. Number 27 shows you 34 creative ways to be an expert cowgirl. Yee Haw! Ride 'Em Cowgirl and ROPE HIM IN so he always has eyes only for you. (Starts on Page 703.)

>> Knockout Looks: 10 types of passion-pleasing, lust-inducing, super-sexy clothing that discreetly - but suggestively - unleashes your seductiveness. Dress to kill and he'll be putty in your hands. (Page 18.)

>> 4 of the best ways to expose your seductive, sultry, breath-taking beauty. He'll never ignore you again even if he's watching TV or playing video games! (Page 17.)

>> Is your man a mid-life guy? Surprising new information every woman should know about a mid-life man's sex needs and what he's looking for in the bedroom. (Page 31.)

>> Want him to admire you as an Oral Sex Goddess? 17 little-known secrets for slick, sloppy, slippery blowies.(Page 100.)

>> Naughty girl's secret pleasure toy box for couple play and solo play. Exciting toys for you. Thrilling toys for him. Hot toys for both of you. 5 premium vibrators for you. 4 amazing C-rings for him. Plus, weights, huggers, stretchers, ticklers, and more for his ultimate erotic pleasure. (Pages 363 and 456.)

>> Naked and afraid he'll REJECT you? My secret treasure trove of 11 resources for pumping up your confidence and boosting your self-image. Become a better lover and live a life filled with fun, joy, and pleasure. Works for your sex life, relationship, finances, health, and more. (Page 317.)

>> Make him forget his name with these 2 Tighter Lovemaking Techniques. Turn him on. Blow his mind. WOW! (Starts on page 29.)

>> 15 best positions for giving an out-of-this-world blowie. Number 15 is super-hot and erotic. (Starts on page 813.)

>> Take him to Sexual Paradise. Top secret tips to MIND-BLOWING blowjobs that no man can resist. Includes my very naughty technique that has him BEGGING for release and makes him SHUDDER and WEAK IN THE KNEES as you take him over the edge. Works! (Starts on Page 809.)

>> Who says Missionary position is boring? Not me! 6 exciting man-pleasing twists to make it one of your "Go To" positions for maximum enjoyment and ultimate pleasure. (Pages 151, 489, and 491.)

>> His hidden sex "button" that gives mind-melting pleasure so powerful he'll CRAVE having sex with you. Step-by-step details on how to zero in on his sexual "hot spot" and the secret way to give him a shockwave of explosive pleasure. (See Page 72.)

>> Wait a minute. You can use THAT to stimulate him with? 12 WEIRD sex toys to give your man out-of-this-world, Heavenly pleasure. You will NEVER guess numbers 5 and 6. (Starts on Page 523.)

>> Saddle up: Little-known "Victory Sign" move for extreme stimulation when ridin' him. Be the first to use this sneaky little pleasure move on him. (Page 493.)

>> He finds it difficult to go over the finish line even after a lot of stimulation? Help him arrive at the peak and go over the edge with these 2 shockingly sultry moves. (Page 490.)

>> "I did something naughty with my panties and what he did next left me practically speechless!" HOT! (Page 454.)

>> Does your man have Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation or Low Sex Drive? Have you got pelvic floor pain, dryness, low libido, or other female sexual or health issues? See my Exclusive Secret Resource List of 20 sex advisors, nutritionists, natural healers, gynecologists, doctors, intimacy wellness experts, and sex therapists who will help you rekindle desire and overcome many other common, embarrassing, and debilitating sexual problems. (Starts on page 313.)

>> 2 special "warm up" strokes: One GETS him primed for adventurous lovemaking. The other KEEPS him primed for pleasurable lovemaking. (See pages 489 and 490 and avoid disappointment and frustration in bed.)

>> 13 deliciously wicked ways to "have your way with him" and give him the thrill of a lifetime that he will never, EVER forget. (Starts on page 496.)

>> Girl Talk Confidential: "Down there" feeling like Hell-on-Earth with awful itching and painful burning that is ruining your sex life? Maybe it's a nasty urinary tract infection. 14 things you can do. Relationship-saving advice. (Page 317.)

>> Number One Sex Goddess Move Extraordinaire. Most women don't know about this Sizzlin' HOT Move at all. Drives men totally crazy! (Page 449.)

>> "WOW! I've never seen one that looked like THAT before! Now what do I do?" 3 little-known techniques that make handling "The Turtle" a bed-shaking pleasure zone for your man. You go girl! (Page 344.)

>> 9 top mistakes many women make when giving their man oral sex. Are you making any of these amateurish, mood-destroying blunders and turning him off? (Page 86.)

>> Dryness a problem when exploring a new sex position or even when you're fully aroused? Don't rely on saliva. 9 field-researched personal lubricants many people find bring more pleasure and excitement to their sex life. (Pages 228 and 595.)

>> Cowboy up! Oral sex off the table because you're embarrassed or not completely confident about how you smell and taste "down below"? Open a new world of pleasure with these quick and easy solutions to smelling nice and tasting sweet. (Page 355.)

From top rated and innovative couple's sex toys...to hidden erogenous zones...to naughty ways to thrill your man, you’ll enjoy...

Deeper Intimacy...
More Intense And Prolonged Pleasure...
And Closer Bonding...

...when you know the erotic skills to toe-curling, pillow-biting, hot, passionate sex.

It’s the type of sex many men only fantasize about.

They’re the stimulating sex moves most men will never experience in their life time.


...the sights...

...the sounds...

...the smells...

...the sensations...

...that instantly turn a man on...whether he’s in his 20’s...or his 60’s...or older.

Sure, a pretty face and a hot body will excite most men.

But those go only so far until he gets bored...especially when you lack the skills to satisfy him.

Truth is, a man can tell within minutes whether or not he's with a talented lover...because...

Your Skill As A Lover Comes From
Your “Know-How”...

It's the techniques...the moves...and the variations you use.

It's the unbridled enthusiasm you show in the bedroom.

It's the touches...the caresses...the strokes...that bring him ultimate thrills...pleasure...and excitement.

It's the stunning sights...the sultry sounds...and the stimulating sensations...that unlock his deepest desires and release his unrestrained, animalistic passion.

It's the pleasure...the lust...and the hot desire you express...that ignite his fire.

It's the confidence...the seductive, naughty, "take-charge" attitude...the eye contact...the tone of your voice...

...which turn a man on...

...and give him mind-blowing waves of pleasure...

...because you know exactly what to do.

Sadly, many women overlook...or never recognize...

The Early Warning Signs
A Man Isn’t Satisfied In Bed...

...and then get blindsided...after it's too late.

Signs like...

...disinterest in sex...


...a wandering eye...

...arguing about sex...

...lack of pleasure...

...or watching porn for sexual stimulation and gratification...

...that lead to performance issues...cheating...a dead bedroom...a heart-wrenching breakup...or a devastating divorce.

That's why it's so important to...

Discover How To Excite And Satisfy Your Man
With These Erotic, Guy-Pleasing Gifts

>> The powerfully succulent "juicy act of love" most couples have never even heard about. (Revealed here on page 75!)

>> Sex life dull and boring? Squeezes, teases, and pleasers to rejuvenate the passion and lust in your relationship. It's like graduating with honors from an advanced level "Master's Program" in sexual pleasuring techniques that are quick, easy, and super fun to use in the bedroom. (Starts on page 455.)

>> Back door play a “Hard No” but stimulation is a green light? Try this "knuckle" technique to take him over the top when he's close but needs an extra boost. (Page 504.)

>> The naughty "Double His Pleasure" technique. Easy to do when he's standing up and he'll go NUTS when you try it! (Page 70.)

>> Unique twist to the reverse cowgirl position that adds extra thrills and excitement to your lovemaking...if you're daring enough to try it. Tighten your grip and be prepared for some buckin' and writhin' when you do this naughty move. (Page 152.)

>> 3. 2. 1. Blastoff! Naughty. Hot. Boundary-pushing. 15 sexy and erotic moves that many men only dream about. Pull out all of the stops and make his erotic fantasies come true tonight! (Page 204.)

>> New relationship but don't know what he likes? Quick way to find out without blundering around and looking foolish or inexperienced. (Page 148.)

>> Tantalize and thrill him with these 3 delicious sex positions that give him the hottest view of your gorgeous you-know-what. (Page 150.)

>> 6 Fun and Sinfully Sexy Fantasies. Give these ones a go or be inspired to create your own. (See pages 40, 41, 42, 65, 99, and 111.) Plus, 11 naughty ideas to turn him on and make him tingle all over. (Page 133.)

>> SHOCKINGLY HOT SEX moves revealed! "Good" girls are doing these naughty things and they're rockin' their man's world. You can too! (Page 416.)

>> Uh, oh! Your man's in "failure to launch" mode? 24 ways to entice, encourage, and crank his engine when his "hydraulics" need a lift off or a helping hand. Plus, 2 little-known sources of natural, erection-boosting aphrodisiacs for your man if he's scared of or concerned about erectile dysfunction medication side effects: One's a tea. The other's a pill. These performance enhancers also help him stay rock hard during sex, too. (Pages 94, 389, and 632.)

>> Nervous or shy about initiating? Afraid of rejection? 5 ways to show - without fear of embarrassment - your hidden or dormant assertive, “take-charge” side that signals you're ready for fun. Ramp up your confidence...take control...and feel empowered giving your man unshakeable, erotic pleasure. (Page 181.)

>> You naughty, but very exciting, girl. 11 wickedly mischievous and titillating "Finger Play" moves to revvv him up or take him over the finish line. Who knew your fingers were so powerfully erotic? (Page 551.)

>> 7 HOT “grinding” techniques that give you and your man exquisite pleasure and fan the flames of desire. (See these specific moves on pages 163, 186, 247, 274, 349, 528, 557.) Bet you're not doing the little-known, carnal grinding moves on page 349 and page 557 that make a man go, “WOW!”

>> Top 5 Naughty Moves that show him how talented and amazing you are, even if he's your “first:” Feet-to-Chest Move (EROTIC!), Riding Cowgirl Move (Oh, BOY!), The “V” Move (PHEW!), The Whirlybird Move (HOT!), and The Outercourse Ride (SEDUCTIVE!). (Use these “hidden talent” moves starting on page 556.)

>> New lover in your life? 40 steamy questions to ask your man to discover his turn ons, turn offs, desires, and fantasies for a mind-boggling experience every time. (Starts on page 48.)

>> Turning him off without even knowing it? 5 clumsy lovemaking blunders even savvy women make including "down under" bloopers to avoid so you can keep him hooked, horny, and happy. (Page 80 for the details.)

Here, in greater detail are...

More Juicy Sexual Snippets That
Boost Your Attractiveness...
Heighten Your Seductiveness...
and Increase Your Sex Appeal...

It doesn't matter whether you're young and in your 20's or middle-aged and in your 60's (or beyond!).

It doesn't matter whether you're fit or out of shape or proudly showcase your “mom bod.”

It doesn't matter whether you're single, married, divorced, or in a friends-with-benefits relationship.

It doesn't matter whether you're sexually experienced or just starting out.

It doesn't matter whether you're with a life-long partner or you're experiencing the joys of a brand new lover.

It doesn't matter whether your sexual desires have been inhibited or repressed in a previous relationship.

It doesn't matter whether you're struggling with embarrassment about your abilities in the bedroom or you've been held back by issues about your body image.

It doesn't matter whether you're a nerdy, shy, “good girl” or a fun, freaky, no-holds-barred “naughty girl.”

No matter what your age, your fitness level, your relationship situation, your sexual ability, or your personality, these are moves and techniques you can easily master and add to your lovemaking skills as early as tonight.

You'll be able to rekindle the flame, re-ignite the spark, and take your sex life to a completely new level of excitement, intimacy, and pleasure.

Even better: With these moves and techniques by your side you'll start transforming into a radiant, sexy, seductive, confident Sex Goddess.

All it takes is an open mind...a sense of adventure...and a willingness to discover new and exciting ways to stimulate and please your man.

These field-tested techniques from some of the most talented lovers in the world will elevate your lovemaking to new heights...starting with this...

>> UNDERGROUND celebrity sex tape move. One famous celebrity and socialite almost got this often-used technique right. Most women get it wrong in so many ways. I’ll show you where you could be going wrong and how to kick it up two levels higher to give your man peak “moon shot” pleasure. (Starts on page 396.)

>> Good girl by day? Show him your naughty side tonight with these "Bad Girl Moves" that thrill him to the core. Who would have guessed you're such a sexy, sultry vixen when the lights are turned down? (Page 264.)

>> WARNING: Get ready for his explosive reaction with this erotic “Pleasure Zone” massage. It pushes the boundaries but it's guaranteed to revvvv his engine and send him through the roof. (Page 67.)

>> RELATIONSHIP RED FLAG ALERT! Why your man might be losing interest in you and what to do about it before it’s too late so you can avoid painful heartbreak. (Page 245.)

>> BLUSH-WORTHY: Explicit, down-to-earth answers to 200 of your most private and too-embarrassing-to-ask, “Just Between Us Amazing Women” sex questions. Even your girlfriends would be shocked! (Starts on page 52.)

>> Erectile Dysfunction Sex: 21 HOT moves you can make on your man if he has Erectile Dysfunction. These moves will show him HOT SEX is possible even if he has a “hydraulics issue.” (Starts on Page 637.)

>> Bushy or bare “down there?” Respected gynecologist weighs in with medical findings on the debate about this popular grooming custom. Scary or Sexy? You decide. (Page 14 for the details.)

>> He's totally natural you-know-where and never been “under the knife?” 13 AMAZING tongue and mouth techniques that will dazzle and delight him. Takes him over the edge virtually every time. WOW! Who would have thought these worked so well? (Page 202.)

>> NO MORE, "I'm too tired tonight, honey." Or, "I'm not interested in sex anymore." Natural supplement helps increase desire and improve wetness in women. SIDE BENEFITS? How about bigger, badder, more intensely satisfying orgasms with your man? (Page 607.)

>> Is your man experiencing "problems" in the bedroom that make you feel frustrated, unattractive, and unappreciated? 17 reasons he's failing to launch or stay launched during lovemaking even if he's young and in his prime. Put on your Sherlock hat and help him solve his bedroom performance issues with these 2 insightful solutions so you can both enjoy hot, steamy sex. (Page 376.)

>> 25 of my hottest seduction and erotic moves to seduce, stimulate, and pleasure him as soon as tonight. Numbers 12 and 20 are guaranteed to surprise you! (Starts on Page 648.)

>> Take Shower Sex to a whole new level with these 7 erotic moves. This is no “quickie-in-the-shower-before-work” play. This is erotic and stimulating sex play that leaves him weak in the knees after you've finished pleasuring him. (Page 651.)

>> Painful or unsatisfying "jackhammer" sex? 3 main reasons why he does it and how to turn it into a passionate lovemaking session that satisfies you both. (Page 50.)

>> Does he have trouble crossing the finish line? Nifty finger technique you can surprise him with that often leads to a happy "handy" ending. (Page 386.)

>> Into Fantasy Role Playing? This racy and totally fun role will get his blood boiling and have him putting his moves on you...tonight! Plus, 5 more fantasy “scenes” you and your man can "set up" to put more spice and more fun into your love life. (Pages 36, 39, 61, 93, 104.)

>> Do you have unfulfilled sexual fantasies, wants, and desires? Discover and explore these 30 stimulating and naughty ideas to add to your Sexual Bucket List. Explore them with your man to heighten your lovemaking and make him groan, whimper, moan, writhe, and cry out. So hot and so naughty they are to be used strictly behind closed doors. Start enjoying them today! (Page 156.)

There’s a lot more...to discover in How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed.

That's why you have to...

See For Yourself What You And Your Man
Have Been Missing In Your Sex Life...

Take a moment to honestly ask yourself this:

When was the last time you tried something new with your man?

A new position?

A new toy?

A new technique?

A new experience that bonded you closer to each other?

And when was the last time you and your man shared secret fantasies or role played or touched each other differently to send one, or both, of you through the roof with exhilarating, earth-shattering pleasure?

There's nothing to be ashamed of...or embarrassed about. After all, we all live busy lives and even our love life - and those special, uninterrupted intimate times together - can suffer and get put on the backburner.

How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed is your opportunity to improve and strengthen your relationship before it's too late and dissatisfaction and resentment boil over and ruin everything.

See for yourself what it’s all about and discover...

>> The Number One sex technique that will blow his mind if you want to give your man ultimate pleasure. (8 out of 10 women don't know about this and those who "think" they do get it completely wrong!) (Page 26.)

>> Top 3 “pleasuring” gaffes most women make that leave their man feeling disappointed, dissatisfied, and unhappy with his sex life. (Page 85.)

>> Is your man struggling to last longer so he can give you more pleasure and satisfaction? 3 experts who can help him overcome the embarrassing and humiliating “softness” problem many men experience. (Go directly to pages 226, 297, and 353.)

>> 3 unsurpassed ways to “Rock His World” when he's down for adventure. Do each one separately or combine them into an explosive, shuddering "O" that leaves him wasted with pleasure. Every woman should have these in her sexual repertoire so she can give her man the thrill of a lifetime. (See page 396.)

>> Aaaaawwwkwaaaaard! What to do when you catch him doing something that shocks or embarrasses you in the bedroom. (He'll adore you even more when you do these things!) (Page 262.)

>> 3 little-known types of SUPER HOT erotic fingering for adventurous lovers. Who knew finger play could be so powerfully stimulating? (Pages 482 and 483.)

>> 7 super "slick and slippery" lubricants for different types of sex play. (Pages 215 and 486.)

>> Toygasms here you come: 10 unique, unusual, but "OH-so-effective" pleasure toys just for your man. Give him teasing, tantalizing, throbbing thrills that hurtle him straight into the Stratosphere. (Pages 435, 455, 519.)

Want more? How about these...

Sex Moves That Are
So Exhilarating...
So Powerful...
So Pleasurable...

...your man will be dying to ask, “Where on earth did you learn how to do THAT?

Moves like...

>> The special "Launchpad" hand technique that warms him up and "gets him ready" before lustful or vigorous lovemaking. (Page 488.)

>> OMG! Unconventional "Tongue Wizard" technique that launches your man to the MOON. So hot it should be censored. (Page 103.)

>> 4 seductively naughty words that turn him on and drive him wild with lust. Whisper them innocently or teasingly in his ear and he'll be all over you before you can say another word. (Page 107 in your free Sexy Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women Report.)

>> How adventurous are you? This super-advanced Ultimate “Pleasure Stroke” technique takes many men over the edge in under two minutes and leaves them weak in the knees. Too hot for most women to handle. (Page 467.)

>> Amazing “BSBJ” technique. Little-known gripping and sucking "Erotic Master-Move" used by expert lovers to give unbelievably erotic sensations to their man. Add this to your bag of tricks, tonight. (Page 491.)

>> Virgin? Inexperienced? The “Bridgerton Sex Move” even experienced women do incorrectly that can go horribly wrong in a split second. PLUS, the single most important way to prevent injury to your man AND 3 alternatives that can take him over the finish line. (Pages 416 and 450.)

>> Give him the type of sex most men only fantasize about: His top 7 Badass Hypersensitive Erotic Hot Spots...if you're naughty enough to try them. (#3, #5, and #6 will BLOW his mind!) (Page 456.)

>> Rope your cowboy in you naughty cowgirl. Quick and easy “hack” that turns a special kind of SHOE LACE into a pleasure-giving sex toy. (Page 591.)

>> Are you better in bed than any other woman he's been with? There won't be any doubt in his mind when you try these: 11 bedroom maneuvers men crave from their woman but rarely - if ever - get. Stand out from other women with these super-fun, sexy, and seductive moves that ignite his hot buttons. (Starts on page 485.)

>> 5 "best" morning sex positions that awaken your senses and make you sigh with delight. (Page 374.)

>> Inexperienced and at a loss about what to do to give your man more pleasure? Use my easy - but very effective - proprietary “CAB” System to rock his world. (Page 548.)

>> PIV sex painful? 52 super hot and thrilling alternatives to PIV sex. Clothing optional. (Pages 231 and 271.)

>> Quick ways to satisfy his lust and keep him happy instead of being sexually frustrated and grumpy when he's frisky and you're not in the mood.

>> Enjoy better sex without frustration, arguments, or feeling unattractive. Help him treat common sexual "man" problems - like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and low sex drive - with advice from these 5 experts. Best part: Includes help for women who have dryness, hot flashes, low libido, pelvic pain, and more, too. (Page 295.)

>> Does it seem like he takes FOREVER to go over the edge even when you use your “signature move” on him? Try these naughty mind-melting tactics that get him to the finish line faster and leave him totally satisfied. (Page 626.)

>> 15 reasons why your man has lost interest in sex. PLUS, 10 things to do if his lack of interest is making you feel unattractive, unappreciated, and undesired. Eye-opening information you need if you want to get your sex life back again. (Starts at page 199.)

>> 2 powerful forms of "Sexual Worship" that bond you and your man closer together and make him feel loved, desired, and appreciated. Easy when you know what to do and what to say. Makes you stand out as an extraordinary lover because most couples never practice these types of worship, let alone know they even exist. (Starts on page 665.)

>> Top 11 attributes that make a woman the hot and irresistible lover her man dreams about...and is eager to please. (Page 217.)

>> Are you fit, attractive, and sexy but he shows no interest in sex? Don't despair! 9 reasons why you might be in a "dead bedroom." PLUS, 3 things you can do to reboot, resuscitate, and restore your sex life before it's too late and ends in heartbreak. (Page 343.)

>> Is he TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS? Eliminate once and for all the LURING TEMPTATIONS of a wanton seductress determined to steal your man from you with these 58 easy - but super-effective - lovemaking enhancements. (Starts on Page 712.)

>> 10 reasons why you can't go over the edge during sex and 15 ways to turn things around so you enjoy the Big "Oh!" (Starts on page 349.)

>> Boring sex life? It doesn't have to be. 7 easy steps to jumpstart it and throw it into high gear. (Page 388.)

>> Looking to go to the WILD SIDE? Add even more variety, fun, and excitement to your sex life with a MFF threesome. 15 Sizzlin' HOT moves you and your female friend can use for ultimate pleasure including these SUPER STEAMY moves: The Piggyback, The Octopus, The Double Decker, The Amazon Formation, and The Key Formation. Warning: These racy moves are so EROTIC and so AROUSING they won't work if your man is a "quick releaser." (Starts on Page 612.)

>> 14 best blowjob positions to pleasure, stimulate, and take him over the edge. Includes my favorite position that's so amazingly stimulating he'll think he died and went to Heaven. (Starts on Page 807.)

>> 2-word command PLUS 5-word phrase that let the tiger out of the cage and inflame his desire for you. Whisper them in his ear or say them during passionate lovemaking and be amazed at what he does. (Pages 20 and 21 in your FREE GIFT, XXX-Rated Seductive Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women.)

>> Is sex with your man too "vanilla" or boring because he lacks creativity in the bedroom? 3 ways to alert and entice him to ramp things up for more adventure, fun, and exquisitely sensual pleasure without turning him off or making him feel inadequate. (Page 58.)

>> Become an AMAZON EXPERT tonight: 4 Hot and Spicy Amazon Positions that thrill your man like no-one else can. (Page 705.)

>> Your guy friend boasts with pride that no-one has ever taken him over the edge from a blowjob. Your BFF takes on the challenge. Seven minutes later he surrenders and pushes her away after having one of the most intense orgasms of his life. How did she do it? Full step-by-step details on page 804. (Includes 5 SECRET EROTIC HOT SPOTS that make even the toughest, manly man gasp and weak-kneed!)

>> Easy 16-point checklist to create your own special “Lover's Cocoon” or “Intimate Love Nest” so you and your man can enjoy undisturbed steamy, amorous lovemaking. (Page 371.)

You'll discover...the mind-blowing techniques...the coolest toys...the hidden erotic trigger points...the most pleasurable positions...the badass maneuvers...that seduce, entice, stimulate, and pleasure your man so he lusts after you and can't get you out of his mind...no matter how hard he tries.

And that's just the beginning - the tip of the iceberg and a small taste - of the sizzling sex secrets you'll discover including my...

Exclusive Hot And Steamy Erotic Alternatives
And Erotic Enhancements
To Give Your Man Peak Passionate Pleasure...

My Erotic Alternatives and Erotic Enhancements, which are exclusive to How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed and can't be found anywhere else, amplify, elevate, and augment specially selected moves I show you.

Each Erotic Alternative and Erotic Enhancement adds more variety, more pleasure, and more enjoyment to a select number of my advanced moves.

Where a move begins with a specific technique, an Erotic Alternative or Erotic Enhancement TURBOCHARGES that move by suggesting an added "twist" to give even more exhilarating pleasure.

I might, for example, show you a move that stimulates him in the Reverse Cowgirl position.

But it doesn't end there...

An Erotic Enhancement or Erotic Alternative will show you what you can do with your hands or with a toy while you're in that position to elevate his pleasure and excitement even more.

Or, you'll discover there's a different position or an enhancement to a position that you've never tried before.

These exclusive hot and steamy Erotic Alternatives and Erotic Enhancements are your “secret weapons” to amplified stimulation and superior pleasure if you want your man to gasp, groan, moan, squirm, whimper or bellow from ultimate ecstasy.

With How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed as your guide you'll discover how to electrify and supercharge your sex life to a whole new level starting tonight.

So don’t wait another minute to...

Reap The Rewards Of Better Sex
And Satisfy Your Craving For
Ultimate Sexual Happiness
And Pleasure

What's it really worth to you to supercharge and electrify your sex life?

A sex life based on love, affection, trust, and appreciation for each other.

One that ignites the burning fires of passion...and fans the flames of intimate closeness and deep connection.

It could take you months - even years - to discover the keys that unlock your man's deepest, most private, and hidden sexual desires.

A sexless marriage or relationship - or losing your man to another woman - would be devastating and leave you feeling inadequate, unloveable, betrayed...and abandoned.

It could take you years of expensive therapy or self-help and cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to repair your shattered confidence and re-build your self esteem.

Fortunately, you don't have to invest thousands or even hundreds of dollars to get amazing results in your love life.

Instead, your life-long investment is a modest one-time payment of $47 - about what it would be for a nice meal at a fancy restaurant.

It's a mere drop in the vast ocean when you consider a lifetime of pleasure and happiness that await you.

In fact, I'm so confident that How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed will help improve your relationship and your sex life that I back it up with a...

60-Day “Excite Him And Delight Him”
100% Money-Back Guarantee...

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Try How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed with NO RISK.

Browse through it.

Put it to the test...

GO DIRECTLY TO 101 HOT, naughty "Sex Goddess Moves" on page 453 and stimulate your man's pleasure zones tonight with any of these erotically hot techniques.

TURN YOUR MAN'S HEAD ...fill his mind with lustful thoughts...and make him hot for you...even when he's tired after a long day.

AWAKEN HIS DESIRE FOR YOU ...and keep the "spark" alive...even when he says he's “not in the mood.”

USE one, two, or more of the 9 exclusive "Signature Moves" that make him gasp and groan with pleasure.

DISCOVER my special erotic, super hot, hotter, and hottest "Sex Goddess Moves" for some of the biggest, baddest, most-satisfying turn ons to give your man.

SEE HIM ARCH AND GROAN with unimaginable enjoyment as you're giving him an exhilarating "Quadgasm" which you'll discover on page 449.

SURPRISE HIM with the stimulating "Stallion Stroke" to take him over the edge.

WATCH HIM FALL COMPLETELY UNDER YOUR SPELL when you perform spine tingling sensations with the “Hand of Pleasure” move on page 628 and the “Rope Pull” move on page 580, or dazzle him with your flexibility with the “Haunch Ride” move on page 627 or the Amazon “Pile Driver” move on page 456, or surprise and delight him with the erotic “Pegging” move on page 618.

PERFORM the astonishing "Sex Goddess Move Extraordinaire" on page 449 and watch him writhe, gasp, and moan with unbridled pleasure.

LEAD HIM INTO TEMPTATION with your irresistible sultry moves, naughty ways, and seductive words.

THRILL HIM with the arousing "Reverse Trombone" move, or the "Sumo Squat," or the "Stairway To Heaven" move, or the "Planet Probe," or the "Reverse Docking Maneuver," or any one of the many erotic and exhilarating moves, all of which are laid out in step-by-step detail.

KNOW HOW TO DEFTLY DETOUR AROUND HIS PERFORMANCE "ISSUES" without nagging or embarrassing or humiliating him and give him satisfying Erectile Dysfunction Sex staring on page 637.

GIVE HIM "MOON SHOT" SENSATIONS that take him over the edge with your electrifying mouth, tongue, and hand skills.

SPICE THINGS UP with amazing "Toygasms" on any of his 7 Erotic Hot Spots.

DISCOVER his naughtiest, deepest, darkest, most erotic fantasies he has never before revealed to a living soul.

MAGICALLY RELEASE HIM from his insecurities, inhibitions, shyness, shame, fears, frustrations, or temptations with easy-to-master, yet powerful erotic moves and techniques that boost his confidence and make him feel like an "Alpha Male" in your bedroom.

LAUNCH HIS HEAT-SEEKING ROCKET with saucy...salacious...sassy words and moves that fire up his raging lust like a blazing wildfire.

PLEASE AND SATISFY HIM with one or more of the unique and clever moves I show you that stimulate him and leave him breathless and satiated.

MAKE HIM MOAN AND GROAN using moves, sounds, words, whispers, touches, strokes, sensations, and techniques that are too hard to resist.

CATAPULT HIS DESIRE TO A FEVER PITCH with your talented hands, mouth, fingers, and feet using secret skills that take him over the edge from mind-blowing pleasure.

TICKLE HIS FANCY (and other sensitive spots!) with some of the hottest, most effective, guy-pleasing stimulators available today.

STIMULATE HIS PLEASURE CENTER with such powerful sensations that you make him whimper and beg for joyous release.

AMPLIFY EVERY TOUCH, EVERY CARESS, EVERY SENSATION, to give him bigger, stronger, ultra-intense, super-satisfying orgasms.

HAVE YOUR WAY WITH HIM and take him to undiscovered, unrivaled, and unprecedented heights of pure, passionate pleasure.

There's not a single doubt in my mind that these sex secrets can skyrocket your confidence and transform your sex life from dull, boring, and routine to sizzling hot, steamy, and passionate.

That's why I stand 100% behind this amazing treasury of sex secrets: If at any time during the first 60 days the astonishing techniques you discover in How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed don't give your man more intense erotic pleasure and bring more passionate and more satisfying sex to your love life, simply let me know and you’ll get an immediate, no-hassle, no-questions-asked refund.

You have nothing to lose...except this extraordinary opportunity to create or re-create a loving and intensely passionate relationship with the man you love.


Download How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed Here ($47)
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Download How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed Here ($47)
(Payment by VISA or MasterCard)
(Safe, secure, instant access - 24 Hours A Day - 7 Days A Week - 365 Days A Year)

(Your credit card statement will show a charge by ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM)

And there’s more....

Resuscitate And Breathe New Excitement
Into Your Intimate Relationship

How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed is so deceptively erotic that it’s intended for adult audiences only.

It's about maximizing pleasure without being rough or painful.

It’s titillating.

It’s suggestive.

It's explicit.

It’s tastefully graphic.

It's your very own Private Little Black Book of “UNDERGROUND SEX SECRETS” laid bare.

I can assure you that you're not going to find "tame" ideas like nibbling his ear or kissing his neck to turn him on.

Not by a long shot!

Instead, you'll discover ideas and techniques that excite your imagination, add fun to your sex life, and increase your man's desire for you.

How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed will help transform a ho-hum, dull, lackluster, or “so-so” sex life into one of intense pleasure and...

Dispel Any Question In His Mind That You're
Anything But An Exciting Lover
As You Send Shivers Down His Spine

I have yet to talk to any woman who doesn't want to know the secrets to exciting her man in bed.

With How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed as your guide, your man is about to discover sex like he's never experienced before.

He will never, even for a second, think you're an inexperienced lover.

He will NEVER...

...joke to his locker room pals about having "same-old, same-old" sex in your bedroom.

And he will never...

...feel compelled to confide to his best buddy how inexperienced you are in bed or how sexually unsatisfied you leave him.

He will never, for one instant, think you're boring in bed.

Far from it!

In fact, don't be surprised if you achieve "Sex Goddess" status in his eyes once you quickly (and easily) master the secret sex techniques revealed in How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed.

Of course, there's more to a relationship than hot, steamy, passionate sex.

After all, the foundation of any relationship rests on a bedrock of understanding - and having an appreciation for - your partner.

Ask any man who's cheated on his wife or girlfriend and invariably he'll say, "She didn't understand me."

That's why, when you order How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed today you'll also get...

The MEGA “Brain Download”
Of 65 Relationship Ideas...

How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed has a TON of ready-to-put-into-action techniques, ideas, and sex secrets you can use to capture your man's heart and elevate your lovemaking to new heights.

They're simple

They're effective.

They're easy to use.

And they're waiting for you to use as early as tonight.

But there's something else...

I'd like you to experience more than just steamy, passionate sex in your relationship because a relationship is more than just sex.

That's why I can't think of a more valuable gift than one that allows you to have a closer connection with the man you love and brings you more joy and happiness for years to come.

When you download How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed today, you’ll also get the MEGA "Brain Download” Of 65 Relationship Ideas including...

>> The secrets to not just a good relationship but to an AMAZING one - 23 powerful ideas that nurture your relationship and help it grow with each passing year.

>> The savvy woman's technique for getting a man to do what she wants without nagging or chastising or becoming frustrated.

>> The quickest way to melt his heart and inspire him to adore you.

>> The weird trick to get him to appreciate you so he never takes you for granted again (Works amazingly well when you set the stage.)

>> The popular sex position that's probably been robbing you of ultimate sexual pleasure (I'll explain why and what you can do about it!)

>> How to rock your man's world in the bedroom (Simple but powerful...and yet ignored by many women.)

>> The secrets to keeping your man close so he doesn't pull away or look elsewhere for love and affection.

>> 7 easy, but amazingly powerful, ways to bond and connect with him so he appreciates having you in his life every day.

>> 2 wild and crazy (but very tasteful) sex tips that ramp up the excitement in the bedroom and put more passion in your relationship.

>> And much more.

And it doesn't end there... 

When you download How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed today, you’ll also get as a special "man arousal" gift ...

40 Steamy, Seductive
“Sexy Talk” Phrases

Many men secretly fantasize about their woman whispering sexy - even naughty - things in their ear to turn them on.

When you do, it’s like he's been hit by a bolt of erotic lightning.

It's a quick and easy way to dial up the heat in your sex life.

And it instantly sets the mood for steamy, lustful, passionate sex.

These are hot and sexy wordplay phrases to whisper in your man's ear - or send as texts - to get his heart pounding with desire...and light his fire.

There's nothing vulgar or rude about them. Instead,these are what I call Seductive Erotic Whisperings - 40 steamy, sexy, seductively naughty phrases that heighten the anticipation, “set the mood” for delicious things to come, and turn him on even more.

These seductively sexy phrases are specifically designed to grab your man’s attention so that his every thought of you is turbocharged with excitement and raw, sizzling-hot hunger.

In fact, don’t be surprised if he puts “the moves” on you once you start whispering these sweet and seductive “somethings” in his ear.

Of course, there's more than one way to thrill your man with words when you're adventurous and want to ramp things up to a fever pitch.

And that's by using...

Sexy Dirty Talk: The Secret “Love Code” That Triggers
Your Man’s Arousal Instincts And Unleashes
His Lust and Desire For You

Talking dirty to a man is the ultimate expression of seduction.

You and your man can try every position in the Kama Sutra.

You can try new fetishes.

You can try role playing.

You can act out fantasies.

You can flirt.

You can entice.

You can tease.

You can tempt.

But ultimately there’s one thing that brings him to his knees and makes him surrender to – and fall under – your seductive spell.

And that’s dirty talk.

Because sexy dirty talk is...

The Erotic Language
Of Seduction...

...and is a man’s Achilles Heel that magically seduces and lures him...and ultimately turns him into putty in your hands.

What woman doesn’t want that?

Of course, sexy talk is more than the effect of luring him and seducing him and inflaming his desire for you.

It’s also your ultimate expression of pleasure and arousal.

It’s the sounds you make.

It’s the words you use.

It’s the whispers that flow freely and seductively when you’re in another state of mind.

When you moan or cry out his name in the throes of passion it goes to the very heart of his arousal.

It triggers his hunger for acknowledgement, appreciation, adoration, and respect from the woman he loves and who excites him.

When you tell him what turns you on and you start talking dirty it activates his erotic senses and it makes him feel the primal essence of being a man.

If your man has ever said to you, “Talk dirty to me,” or he's indicated his desire to introduce dirty talk to your lovemaking, but you don't know what to say or where to start, then XXX-Rated Adult Sexy Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women will show you how to keep things hot and steamy in and out of the bedroom.

XXX-Rated Adult Sexy Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women goes beyond Seductive Erotic Whisperings and is adult content that is tastefully explicit, descriptive, and graphic, but doesn't go over the top and use degrading, shaming, or humiliating language.

Of course, dirty talk isn't for everyone, but those who like to - or who want to - engage in dirty talk will find these words and phrases to be powerfully hot and a passionate addition that puts more excitement into their lovemaking.

In this special treasury of sexy dirty talk for adventurous women which is a $47 value by itself, you'll discover...

60 ways to compliment your man, boost his ego, and make him feel like the best lover in the world. (Pages 7 and 129.)

100 commands to excite his lust for you and spur him on to give you even more pleasure as you're making love to him. (Page 19.)

20 phrases that get him in the mood when you're feeling frisky and want to make love. (Page 28.)

101 EXPLICIT, BLUSHWORTHY, coaxing, enticing, flirting, seducing, teasing, EROTICALLY CHARGED phrases that flip his arousal switch and heighten his desire and lust for you (Pages 30 and 132.)

15 phrases that whip him into a frenzy of arousal and encourage him to attain new heights of passion and pleasure. (Page 176.)

How to entice your man with Seductive Foreplay PLUS 7 of my HOTTEST Sex Goddess Moves you can start using right away. These are moves that can give your man indescribable pleasure. (Starts on Page 355.)

21 imploring phrases that signal your desire and tell him what to do. (Page 189.)

Switch things up: 180 phrases you can use in a dominant/submissive sexual relationship that show your possessive, dominating, and commanding side. (Page 156.)

45 flirty and naughty talk phrases that tease and entice and rev his engine up. (Page 151.)

70 naughty and arousing coupon phrases that add fun and excitement to your relationship. (Pages 248 and 254.)

8 HOT Erotic Sex Scenes to tickle your imagination and turn up the heat in your bedroom. (Pages 176, 178, 181, 235, 250, 280, 295, 307)

>> And much, much more.

You'll also get...

Dirty talk phrases to build sexual tension.

Dirty talk phrases to intensify lovemaking.

Dirty talk phrases that make him obsessed with you and crave you.

These are the phrases that FLOOD his mind with arousing, erotic, and naughty thoughts and have him completely under your seductive spell.

Each of these phrases is designed to heighten the passion, lust, and desire in your lovemaking.

Better still, you can...

Use Sexy Dirty Talk Phrases
In Text Messages, Too...

...and ramp up the excitement and anticipation for passionate lovemaking.

Sexy text messages are one of the best ways to heighten feelings and get your partner in the mood...FAST!

That's why many of these sexy dirty talk phrases can be used in text messages, too...

Use them word-for-word or easily modify them.

Then send them to your man in a text to inflame his lust and desire and prepare him for an afternoon or night of steamy, passionate, lovemaking.

And there's more...

It's an exciting treat that's in store for you.

Because I've included...

Erotic And Passionate
Roleplaying Scenes
For Inspiration

XXX-Rated Adult Sexy Dirty Talk For Adventurous Women goes beyond exciting and arousing dirty talk...

...because it also includes four fantasy roleplaying and erotic scenes that use dirty talk in them.

As well, you'll discover lover's techniques and moves from How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed in action that ramp things up for more passionate and steamy lovemaking including...

In All About Heat the seductress greets her muscular man at the door dressed in nothing but a short black satin robe. Things heat up quickly as she drops her robe in front of him and leads him to the bedroom where he discovers he's with a skilled lover who knows how to please and satisfy him. (Page 43.)

In Hold Me Tightly it's a young couple's "first time" together during a romantic getaway. Don't let the title fool you because this romantic and erotic story quickly escalates to steamy, passionate lovemaking that makes them fall deeper in love with each other. (Page 261.)

In Hot Desire you'll be transported to another dimension where the hero anticipates the heroine's arrival with excitement. It's a passionate story that takes lovemaking to a new level and culminates in both of them being spent and feeling satiated as they breathlessly collapse in each other's arms. (Page 321.)

In Everything Laid Bare the heroine is seduced and made love to by a devilishly handsome, experienced lover, skilled in the art of lovemaking. It's like reading the sex scene of a romance novel as things quickly heat up and end in a thrilling climax. (Page 333.)

These are hot, steamy, graphic, explicit, erotic stories that “walk the talk” and show you how to use sexy dirty talk and advanced sex techniques in your lovemaking for hotter, more passionate, more satisfying sex.

And it doesn't stop there...

Have you ever wanted to know your man's deepest, darkest sexual likes - or his unvoiced sexual dislikes - but you've been too shy to ask him?

Or perhaps you want your man to know your sexual likes, dislikes, and desires...including things you'd like to do or try but you've been hesitating to bring up the subject.

Now there's no reason to be shy or feel awkward or to hesitate when you have my...

Exclusive And Erotically Creative
“Yes/No/Maybe” Sex Checklist...

...in your hands.

With more than 80 sizzling hot, sexy, and tastefully taboo topics ranging from “A to Z” you'll have tons of fun discussing, planning, and exploring so there aren't any surprises in the heat of the moment.

Best part: You'll both be on the same page...and know exactly what to expect - or experiment with - during loveplay.

There won't be any doubt about what's a green light and what's definitely off limits.

And there's more...

My exclusive and erotically creative “Yes/No/Maybe” Sex Checklist is no ordinary checklist.

That's because it doesn't stop at 80 sizzling hot, sexy, and tastefully taboo topics. Instead, it's been expanded to explore and dive in deeper to understand sexual likes, dislikes, and preferences you and your man have including:

Favorite Positions For Ultimate Pleasure (Naughty girl and bad girl sex positions that bring the greatest enjoyment, exhilaration, pleasure, and satisfaction to both you and your man.)

Role Playing For More Excitement And Fun (Add more sizzle and excitement as you and your man spice things up with 37 different roles you can play to heighten the lust and desire for each other.)

Secret Sex Fantasies For Bigger Thrills (Explore HOT new areas of enjoyment when you and your man reveal deep, dark secrets about fantasies you'd both like to try.)

Biggest Turn-ons (Erotic Hot Spots. Shocking Secret Desires. Discover what it takes to turn your man on and rocket him to the ultimate heights of pleasure. Be prepared to be amazed by his secret dirty thoughts that he's never revealed to you before!)

Hot And Erotic Things Many Men Crave (But Are Afraid To Ask For) (From plain and simple to naughty and primal, this 20-item list is your secret gateway to fulfilling his deepest, darkest sexual desires and fantasies.)

Best of all, my “Yes/No/Maybe” Sex Checklist is one of the quickest and easiest ways to not only establish sexual boundaries but also to open up new areas to explore together for more spice, adventure, and variety in the bedroom.

Discover What You’ve Been Missing
In Your Love Life And Relationship...
And How To Experience Some Of The
Best Sex Of Your Life...

You could read hundreds of racy romance novels or erotic stories and fantasize about being wrapped in a man's strong arms or being caressed and touched to a fever pitch.

But it's not the same as completely surrendering to your man and feeling his manly warm skin against your hot, aroused body as he makes steamy, passionate love to you.

This is an amazing opportunity to spice up not only your sex life but also your relationship.

For the first time ever, the curtain is being lifted to reveal some of the hottest insider “field-tested” sex secrets specifically created for sexually adventurous women, like you, who are in a loving relationship.

These are the very same jealously-guarded secrets and techniques sexually talented women use to please and satisfy their man in the bedroom.

What's more, my special gift of the MEGA “Brain Download” of 65 Relationship Ideas is the springboard for a happier relationship and deeper, closer connection with the man you love.

Whether you're inexperienced...submissive...or shy...or whether you're a talented or dominant lover who wants to "up your game" even more...How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed will help you elevate your lovemaking to new heights of steamy hot, passionate pleasure with...

Moves And Techniques
So Powerful And So Thrilling
They Give You
Supreme Confidence
In The Bedroom

After all, there's nothing sexier than a confident, skillful lover in the bedroom.

A lover who knows what to do and how to do it to give her man maximum pleasure.

When you seductively whisper sexy, suggestive words in his ear...

When you skillfully perform a new move he’s secretly been fantasizing about but has been afraid to tell you...

When you expertly combine hand and mouth techniques that result in more pleasure than he's ever experienced before...

When you move your body in tantalizing ways that are so sexy and pleasuring that he's driven wild with lust and exhilarating sensations...

When you instinctively know where to touch him like no other woman has ever dared to or done before...

When you hear him whimper and gasp and groan with pleasure...

When you see him twist and writhe and shudder from your electrifying touch...

You'll feel...








and LOVED.

Explore Your Desires...
Indulge In Your Pleasures...
And Celebrate The Intimate Bond
You Share With Your Man...

This is an amazing opportunity to...

...bond with your man on a deeper level...

...explore your secret desires and fantasies without guilt, shame, or embarrassment...

...and push your sexual boundaries in a safe, loving, environment with the man you care about.

Mind-blowing, body-tingling, sheet-grabbing sex really IS possible.

All it takes is a willingness to discover and use new skills and techniques that turbocharge your sex life.

And it's waiting for you and your man to explore as early as tonight.

> If your sex life is lacking the body-tingling heat, fire, and excitement it once had...

> If your man has lost interest or seems less interested in having sex with you...

> If your man has "issues" in the bedroom that ruin the enjoyment or affect the outcome...

> If you secretly wonder whether you truly satisfy your man in bed...

> If you feel your man compares your sexual skills to those of other women he's been with...

> If you suspect - or fear - your man is starting to get interested in another woman...

> If you no longer experience the thrill of sex the way you used to...

> If you yearn for more romance, intimacy, touching, and passion...

> If you want to deepen your connection and bond with your man...

> If you want to add more adventure and greater pleasure to your love life...

> If you want to feel sexy... desired...cherished...lusted after...and have your man wrap his big, strong arms around you...

> If you're finally ready to experience a dramatic turnaround in your sex life...

> If you want your man to crave you so you can enjoy HOTTER sex with more intense pleasure...

> If you want to give your husband, boyfriend, or lover pillow-biting, heart pounding, explosive sex...that makes him writhe and moan from pleasure...as early as tonight...

...then download How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed today.

Give the man in your life the gift of your extraordinary sexual skills. I’m sure you'll both be very happy you did.

Ruby Quinn
Sex and Relationship Coach

P.S. Do you want to experience the electrifying thrill of amazing sex with the man you love? It’s entirely possible when you discover new sexual techniques and master new skills.

How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed is more than about "improving" your sex life. It's about lighting it on fire!

If you're a tiny bit adventurous...and you want to enhance your man's pleasure so he’ll never forget you as a skilled, passionate, sizzling, red-hot lover...and you'd be thrilled to hear him whisper in your ear that sex with you is amazing...then download How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed today.

My 100% money-back guarantee puts ALL of the risk on me...and makes it safe and easy for you to try out.

PPS. This is your opportunity to join the exceptionally talented women who know how to please a man in the bedroom. If you’ve ever wondered whether your man is secretly dissatisfied with your lovemaking...or you suspect he's looking for something more...or you fear he could stray into the arms of another woman...then start overcoming those doubts with the "Naughty Girl" Insider Secrets in How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed. Download How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed today.

PPPS. As an ADDED GIFT I'm including the ultimate quick-start guide to wildly erotic “naughty girl” sex secrets and powerful techniques the world’s most skillful and talented lovers use to please and satisfy a man: 15 HOT And Steamy SEX MOVES To Use TONIGHT!

How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed is comprehensive and LOADED with ideas, moves, and techniques.

But, I'm sure you want to start things off "hot" tonight with something new or with an added twist to your existing repertoire of sexual moves and techniques.

That's why I've personally hand picked 15 HOT, Naughty, Erotic Moves and Techniques you can use as early as tonight including...

>> The “Sumo Squat” (the SIZZLING hot move you absolutely DO NOT want to leave out of your sexual repertoire!)

>> The “Stairway To Heaven” (help him climb the EROTIC LADDER OF PLEASURE so he feels like he's knocking on Heaven's door with this move)

>> The “Planet Probe” (an unbelievably hot move that will take him over the edge in no time)

>> The “Reverse Docking Maneuver” (one of the most pleasurable moves your man will EVER experience)

>> The “Amazon Ball Crusher” (if your man doesn't think this feels amazing, something is definitely wrong!)

>> The “Side Pile Driver” (you'll never guess how turned on your man can be until you try this sizzling move)

Plus, you'll also discover how to introduce your man to anal play, strap-on sex, and prostate play and how to enhance your pegging moves to make them more exciting and pleasurable.

15 HOT And Steamy SEX MOVES To Use TONIGHT! also includes....

>> 58 ways to TURBOCHARGE YOUR LOVEMAKING TONIGHT and turn a ho-hum lovemaking session into something that's hot, passionate, and pleasurable...for both you and your man.

>> 19 SPECIAL PLEASURE TECHNIQUES AND MOVES to use in Erectile Dysfunction Sex if your man is in "failure to launch" mode. Just as pleasurable and exhilarating even if he's NOT in "failure to launch" mode.

>> 21 SEX GODDESS MOVES to use when you want to have your way with him and take full control of your lovemaking while he's completely under your spell. Includes toys, lubricants to use, and tastefully light BDSM moves for the adventurous couple.

Download How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed today.

I’ve put together this special section to answer some of the most common questions you might have about How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed.

1. Who is How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed for?

How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed is for adult women of all ages who want to not only improve their sex life with their man but also their own health and well-being. It doesn't matter whether you're heterosexual, bi-sexual, sexually experienced, or sexually inexperienced there are many, many techniques and moves that will add pleasure to your sex life as well as your man's sex life.

How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed can also help you if you want to improve your skills in the bedroom to please your man, or if you want more control in your sex life, or you want to increase your sex drive, or you want to have greater confidence in your personal life, or you want to be happier in your life.

2. How will I benefit from How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed?

While How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed will show you how to give greater sexual pleasure to your man, he's not the only one who benefits.

Every woman is different and will experience different benefits. You could experience more sexual desire, a happier relationship, and a more exciting sex life...with more pleasure that leaves you with a radiant afterglow.

Chances are your overall health and well-being will benefit, too. You'll be happier, have more confidence, and you'll have improved self-worth and self-esteem.

So you see, as you re-invigorate your passionate and sexual side using the techniques and moves you'll discover in How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed, you'll begin to feel more feminine, more confident, and more satisfied and content.

3. Does How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed teach me how to give more pleasure to my man?

YES it does! You'll discover how to use your special feminine gifts to stimulate and please your man more than ever before.

You'll discover techniques that will show you how to give extraordinary and exhilarating pleasure to your man whether he's your boyfriend, lover, or husband.

Chances are he's going to go over the edge quite quickly at first because the sensations you unleash on him are going to be something he's never before experienced.

What's more, you'll discover techniques that stimulate him until he can't take it anymore and finishes with electrifying, body-shaking pleasure.

I challenge you to find a man who doesn't want that type of finish!

I'll also give you ideas on how to get your man pumped up for Round Two, as well, because sometimes the bonding and closeness feel so good that you don't want the sex to stop just yet.

4. I’m single. Will How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed help me?

YES, it will!

Even if you don't have a man in your life at the moment there are many benefits to your own sexual pleasure, health, and well-being including...

>> Increased arousal

>> Increased self-esteem

>> Improved mental and physical health

>> Improved confidence not only in the bedroom but in your life

You'll begin to feel happier, prettier, and more positive.

When you do meet "your person" you'll feel totally CONFIDENT that you'll be able to knock his socks off in the bedroom and amaze him with your bedroom skills.

5. Does How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed explore anal sex?

How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed focuses on many aspects of sex including anal sex. Anal sex may be a new frontier to your man and can enhance his pleasure when it's incorporated correctly and lovingly into your lovemaking.

6. Is it normal for me to become AROUSED when I follow along in How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed?

YES, that can happen, so don't be alarmed.

There are many erotic techniques and scenes in How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed that can excite your imagination and lead to arousal.

7. I'm going through menopause and I don't feel as pretty as I used to because I'm not as firm or as perky as I was when I was younger.

Don't sell yourself short. You have many wonderful qualities that make you attractive to your man. After all, there's nothing wrong with being "perfectly imperfect."

How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed is for adult women of all ages including those who are going through menopause, too, because I'm familiar with the challenges you may be experiencing including loss of libido and dryness.

How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed will help you find solutions to your particular issues whether they're loss of libido or dryness.

Once you master the skills I show you in How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed you'll find your confidence in the bedroom will skyrocket. And you'll find your man will enjoy your curves even more.

8. My man doesn't want to have sex as often as he used to and I'm worried he's not attracted to me anymore.

I come across this quite often.

There may be a reason that's totally unrelated to you and his attraction for you.

He may have hydraulics issues and feel embarrassed. He may be tired or stressed. Or he may feel the sex is routine and boring.

How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed will add excitement to your sex life.

And it will show you how to help him with hydraulics issues during sex, too.

If you want even more options to add excitement in the bedroom, this extraordinary program here is an excellent addition to How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed.

9. Will How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed turn me into a dominant lover?

How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed can help turn you into an EXTRAORDINARY AND TALENTED LOVER, whether you're submissive or dominant.

Some women are submissive at times and dominant at other times.

The skills you acquire won't change your role in your lovemaking, whether you're submissive or dominant.

Instead, you'll be an ACTIVE PARTICIPATOR in your lovemaking with your man, which, if he's like most men, will really excite him and turn him on.

Men get VERY EXCITED and AROUSED with a lover who shows confidence, enthusiasm, and skill in the bedroom.

10. Should I practice my new skills with my partner?

Absolutely. There's no need to hold back from using your new skills with your man.

11. Does a man's length or thickness matter as I master these techniques and moves?

No, a man's length or thickness doesn't matter with these technqiues. Instead, you'll find moves and techniques you'll be able to adapt to your man's size.

12. Are these techniques painful for my man?

Whether you're fingering, massaging, squeezing, sucking, gripping, penetrating, or any other variation of your love skills, your man will find these techniques totally pleasurable, not painful, when done properly.

If you're worried about this, simply ask your man during lovemaking.

Chances are, though, he'll be thinking, "WOW!" as you're performing your magic on him.

13. I already have a great sex life. Can How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed help me be a better lover?

YES! Absolutely!

If you have a good sex life already that means you know how to please your man.

How would you like to be an EXTRAORDINARY lover as well as a TALENTED lover?

How would you like your man to lead you to the bedroom so he can ravish you?

If you're dating, how would you like him to text you BEGGING to see you because he can't get enough of you?

How would you like him to tell you he wants you to, “Do those things you did to me the other night."?

Once you master and perfect the skills in How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed your man will finally realize he's been missing extraordinary sex in his life.

The amazing thing about How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed is that your man will realize that you're the best lover he has ever had.

He'll also realize that your skills in the bedroom are UNPARALLELED to those of any other woman he's been with in the past.

The techniques in How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed are not something that come to you naturally over time, no matter how much sex you have.

After all, a skilled chef or a talented athlete doesn't master her extraordinary skills without coaching and discovering new techniques.

14. How long will it take to see results?

Your results will vary from those of other women and will be entirely dependent on you and your dedication to discovering new moves and techniques.

To get you started right away, I've personally hand picked 15 HOT, Naughty, Erotic Moves and Techniques you can use as early as tonight including...

>> The “Sumo Squat” (the SIZZLING hot move you absolutely DO NOT want to leave out of your sexual repertoire!)

>> The “Stairway To Heaven” (help him climb the EROTIC LADDER OF PLEASURE so he feels like he's knocking on Heaven's door with this move)

>> The “Planet Probe” (an unbelievably hot move that will take him over the edge in no time)

>> The “Reverse Docking Maneuver” (one of the most pleasurable moves your man will EVER experience)

>> The “Amazon Ball Crusher” (if your man doesn't think this feels amazing, something is definitely wrong!)

>> The “Side Pile Driver” (you'll never guess how turned on your man can be until you try this sizzling move)

Plus, you'll also discover how to introduce your man to anal play, strap-on sex, and prostate play and how to enhance your pegging moves to make them more exciting and pleasurable.

My special "get-started-right-away" guide which I've named, 15 HOT And Steamy SEX MOVES To Use TONIGHT!, also includes....

>> 58 ways to TURBOCHARGE YOUR LOVEMAKING TONIGHT and turn a ho-hum lovemaking session into something that's hot, passionate, and pleasurable...for both you and your man.

>> 19 SPECIAL PLEASURE TECHNIQUES AND MOVES to use in Erectile Dysfunction Sex if your man is in "failure to launch" mode. These moves and techniques can be used any time and are just as pleasurable and exhilarating even if he's NOT in "failure to launch" mode.

>> 21 SEX GODDESS MOVES to use when you want to have your way with him and take full control of your lovemaking while he's completely under your spell. Includes toys, lubricants to use, and tastefully light BDSM moves for the adventurous couple.

Download How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed today.

I must emphasize the benefits to your sex life, relationship, and overall health and well-being that await you will be worth taking the time to master these skills. After all, this is an investment in your sexuality, health, and relationship.

15. What advice would you offer sexually inexperienced women?

If you're sexually inexperienced then chances are you'll be enthusiastic and keen to start. After all, they don't teach you how to be a talented lover in school or college, do they?

Remember, we've all been there. So don't let your sexual inexperience hold you back. Once you download How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed, you'll discover techniques and moves even "experienced" women don't know about or have never tried in the bedroom.

The best part? It's not going to take you years and years to perfect your sexual skills when you have How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed as your guide.

So go ahead and explore the new and exciting techniques and methods you'll discover in How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed.

Above all, enjoy the journey. Celebrate and rejoice in the results because it's the techniques and moves that you use during lovemaking that count in the bedroom and in improving your sex life, sexual pleasure, health and well-being, and your relationship.

You'll be AMAZED at the results as you discover new and exciting sexual adventures in How To Drive Your Man WILD In Bed.

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PLUS: Newly Added Gift: 15 HOT And Steamy SEX MOVES To Use TONIGHT! - the ULTIMATE QUICK-START GUIDE of wildly erotic “naughty girl” sex secrets and powerful techniques the world’s most skillful and talented lovers use to please and satisfy a man...every day and every night.

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