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What To Talk About On A Date With A Guy If You’re On A First Date Or Dating A New Guy

Does your mind ever go blank and you don’t know what to talk about on a date with a guy when you’re with him? You’re not alone.

It seems strange that your mind goes blank, especially if he’s hot and you’re attracted to him.What to talk on a date with a guy

But sometimes it’s that attraction to a guy that causes your mind to go blank because you’re feeling the butterflies and the heat of sexual chemistry.

It’s important to know what to talk about on a date and what questions to ask and what information to give out so you can get to know each other better.

After all, this guy could be “The One” or your date could lead to a long term relationship and even getting married.

If you “meet” a guy online there are specific questions you should ask him before agreeing to meet or go on a date.

But if you meet someone in person or you’ve been going back and forth online and he asks you out, then you need to be prepared with questions to ask and things to talk about so the date goes smoothly and you get asked out on a second (or more) date.

It’s even more important to have some idea about what you want to talk to a guy about and what questions to ask if he’s shy or introverted.

Topics And Questions: What To Ask And Talk About On A First Date With A Guy

Here is a sample of the questions to ask, which are included in the Girl Gets Great Guy System, and what to talk about on a first date with a guy. They should give you a quick “snapshot” of who he is and what he’s all about:

1. What do you do for FUN and in your free/spare time? (Hobbies, passions, and interests)

2. Have you ever been here before? (Presumably he’s taking you somewhere on your date.)

3. Where’s your favorite place to go to for a vacation?

4. How do you celebrate major holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas?

5. Where have you traveled to?

6. What do you do for work?

7. Is your ex still in the picture? On good terms? Do you have much or any contact?

8. What would you do if you lost your job?

9. Any children? How old? What do they do (school/college, married, working, living with ex, on their own)? Where do they live?

10. Do you drink, do drugs (except prescription), gamble, smoke?

11. Have you ever been arrested or been in jail?

12. Tell me about your family. Brothers? Sisters? Parents? Are your parents still together? Who are you closest to?

13. What are some things you can’t live without? (Some people can’t live without their coffee, their family, their friends. The answer will tell you what’s most important to him and will also reveal his passions, interests, quirks, and habits.)

14. Are you close to your family and/or children?

15. How would you describe your childhood/fondest memory of your childhood? Happy? Turbulent? Loving?

16. Which parent are you closest to: your mother or your father or neither?

17. What’s the worst (craziest, funniest, silliest, stupidest) thing you did as a child/or you’ve done in life?

These days, a lot of people “meet” or “hookup” through online dating.

Online dating is where you will determine whether there is anything there to meet in person and whether you want to continue seeing and dating this man.

Usually it will come down to whether you have a good first date or a bad first date. With a good date things are easy and the conversation flows well.

With a bad date things are awkward, or off-putting, or answers to questions are evasive, or there are too many sexual innuendos or references to sex.

Relationship Topics To Talk About On A Date With A Guy 

These are typical questions you could be asked by a man when you meet in person. You might have already covered them when chatting with him. But they may be asked again so be prepared with an answer that doesn’t turn him off!

Some of the questions give you a sense of his availability and to see whether he’s your “type.” It’s not about being too picky, it’s about being smart and not wasting your time.

These are the type of questions that get the conversation going and continuing on a date.

1. What do you like about being in a relationship? (Cuddling, kissing, hugging, etc.)
2. Tell me about your luck with dating.
3. Are you dating right now? Do you go on a lot of dates? (Could be a “red flag” if he does a LOT of online dating and isn’t looking for anything serious. Instead, he’s looking for sex.)
4. What are you looking for in a relationship?
5. What type of women do you date? What type of woman do you normally go for? What do you look for or like in a woman?
6. How long have you been single?
7. When was your last relationship?
8. What happened in your last relationship?
9. Did you break up with her or did she break up with you or dump you?
10. What’s the longest relationship you’ve been in? (His answer could indicate whether he’s “just looking” or is serious about being in a relationship.)
11. What would be a perfect relationship to you? (His answer could reveal surprising things that indicate you and he are on the same page or that you’re incompatible because what he wants from a relationship may be entirely different from what you want.)

Should You Talk About Sex On A First Date With A Guy?

If you want a guy to perk up and start talking, just ask him questions about sex.

Trouble is, it’s too soon to ask about sex if you’re on a first date.

You may have been asked sexual questions if you’ve been texting back and forth with him, but the reality is, you don’t know this guy yet.

You don’t know if he’s a good guy or someone who is just looking for sex while you’re looking for a solid, long term relationship.

It’s your choice, of course. But you want to get to know the guy first before you dive into sex, because there are specific questions about sex that you need answers to before going to bed with him.

Girl Gets Great Guy System

Why You Talk With A Guy About These Things On A Date And Ask These Types Of Questions

Just because you and the guy you’re chatting with are looking for the same thing from a relationship doesn’t mean you’re compatible.

There are several areas you want to explore to see if you’re compatible with him. Some of these areas overlap but they will give you an idea of how compatible you are.

Here’s a quick overview of these compatibility areas:

1. Lifestyle

You want to know that you both have a similar lifestyle. One of you might be on the go all the time with traveling and business. The other might have a more laid back and calmer lifestyle.

2. Emotional Maturity

Emotional maturity includes how he views a relationship and you. Is he faithful and believes in a monogamous relationship? Is he romantic and loving? Is he empathetic and shows emotion or sentiment on occasion?

Emotional maturity also includes whether he is mature or whether he has anger issues or is immature in the way he approaches life.

4. Interests and Hobbies

It’s nice to have similar interests so that you can do things together.

And it’s also nice to have your own interests that bring you joy and satisfaction.

You don’t want to be together all the time otherwise you’re going to feel smothered.

5. Religious Beliefs and Customs

Religious beliefs and customs can be stumbling blocks in compatibility if you and the guy you’re interested in are from different religious faiths.

If you are from different religious faiths there has to be agreement about what faith to observe (and raise children under if that applies to your situation).

And you have to know that your family and his family are also in agreement, otherwise it will cause friction in the relationship.

6. Financial Situation

Does he take care of his finances? Or does he have unpaid bills and borrows from friends or ask you for money?

Ideally you want someone who is successful in his job or career, has some money put away for a rainy day, and doesn’t spend so lavishly that he’s heavily in debt.

7. Social Life and Social Graces

How does he interact with others? Is he friendly to people? Does he treat others politely?

If you’re a social butterfly who likes partying a lot and he’s more comfortable staying at home reading or watching movies or playing online games then there could be a mismatch in compatibility.

8. Support

Does he support you emotionally, stand up for you, and have your back?

Does he make you feel safe or do you feel alone and on your own even when you’re together?

9. Morals and Values

Do his morals and values align with yours?

Or does he like to take “shortcuts” and cheat people out of things or do things that are shady or even illegal?

All of these areas are important to consider to see if you’re compatible with a guy.

Ultimately, when you’re primed with questions about what to talk to a guy about on a first date or you’re dating someone new, you’re finding out whether you’re compatible with each other, have interests that align, and whether he will treat you well.

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