Signs He’s In Love With You

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Signs He’s In Love With You

A common question women ask is, “What are the signs he’s in love with you?”

We all have our preconceived notions about what love is to us and how our partner shows they love us.Signs He's In Love With You

Some of us like to express our emotions while others – especially men – are the “strong and silent” type.

It could be that you know he’s in love with you if he says certain things.

Or he may show his love for you by your love language.

In an episode of Married At First Sight, for example, one husband had never said he loved his wife even after they decided on Decision Day to stay married. And yet she knew he loved her.

He obviously had fallen for her and was in love with her. He either secretly loved her, was scared of saying it for some reason, or he was hiding it and expressing it in ways other than saying it.

What’s more, particularly during the pandemic, some couples have not been able to see each other as often due to lockdown restrictions or quarantine restrictions. In fact, it has been recently reported that 15% of couples have either divorced or broken up because of the pandemic.

It’s been harder to show our love for someone when you can’t see them. You have to resort to texting, messaging, emails, Skype®, or other means to stay in touch when you can’t see each other in person.

In any case, it’s important that you know your guy is in love with you through various signs even if he doesn’t come out and say it in so many words.

None of us is perfect. Your man might not check all of the boxes when you’re looking for signs he’s in love with you.

But there are other specific…

Signs He’s In Love With You…Even If He Doesn’t Say It

1. He Treats You As His Priority

A man who loves you will put you before himself.

Men are wired to be protective and to provide for his partner and his children.

If your man is putting you (and your children, if you have any) before himself, then that’s a strong and powerful message that he’s in love with you.

2. He Tells You He Misses You

When you’re apart for some reason – whether it’s because he’s away on a business trip or you’re away visiting family or friends or you’re away on a work trip – and he feels lonely because you’re not with him, it indicates his love for you.

3. He “Gets” You

A man who loves you and is in love with you will understand you.

He’s attentive. He pays attention to the little details – the things you like and don’t like.

He understands your moods and your fears and your temperament. He’s considerate and he’s concerned about your well being and how your day was.

4. He’s A Giver, Not A Taker

In a similar way that he treats you as a priority, he also puts you first before himself. Perhaps he serves you dinner before he fills his plate. Perhaps he lets you shower before he does. Perhaps he gives you the best cut of a steak instead of having it for himself.

He puts you before himself and is selfless in many ways instead of selfish.

5. He’s Your Rock

A man who loves you is your rock. He’s the one person you can count on to turn to when things are rough and you need support and comforting. When you’re down he’s there to comfort you. When something goes wrong at work, he’s there to support you. When there’s a family issue or emergency or someone close to you dies, he’s there by your side comforting you. He takes your side and defends you.

6. He’s By Your Side No Matter What

He likes to be with you. He likes to spend time with you. He likes to do things with you. He likes to talk to you. He likes to be by your side. And he’s proud to be by your side.

7. He’s A Big Part Of – And Involved In – Your Life

He’s an integral part of your life. He knows your friends. He knows your family. He knows your background and your life history. He’s an extension of your life.

8. He Shows Signs He’s In Love With In Tangible Ways

The way he looks at you.

The compliments he makes about you.

The way he is proud of you and talks about you and your accomplishments.

The things he does for you that mean a lot to you.

These are all things that show he’s in love with you or he’s falling in love with you or that he loves you.

Now that you know signs he’s in love with you, you might want him to commit to a longer term relationship that leads to marriage.

Don’t Lose Him To Another Woman Now That You’ve Won His Heart

If you follow The Bachelor or The Bachelorette from season to season like many of us romantics at heart do, you’ll know that many couples on the show don’t end up together or married after the season ends. Eventually they call it quits and go there separate ways. Some find love with someone else. Others don’t.

When you find a guy who shows you he loves you, you don’t want to lose him, do you?

Look for signs he wants to commit but be aware of this:

You increase your chances of keeping him and having him treat you the way you want to be treated if you understand him.

Imagine this: He’s in love with you but another woman comes along, gets his attention, and lures him away from you.

The damage is usually done after a break up but there are ways to keep a man loyal and attracted to you – and only you – no matter what temptation is put in front of him.

If you want to keep your man and avoid losing him to another woman then discover the secrets of how to keep him.

(TD;LR) Signs He’s In Love With You

1. He Treats You As His Priority

2. He Tells You He Misses You

3. He “Gets” You

4. He’s A Giver, Not A Taker

5. He’s Your Rock

6. He’s By Your Side No Matter What

7. He’s A Big Part Of – And Involved In – Your Life

8. He Shows Signs He’s In Love With In Tangible Ways


How To Make Your Man Adore You

Signs He Loves You

Home Ruby Q - Guest Contributor

Signs He Loves You 

Although a man might not say it – or might not say it very often – there are obvious signs he loves you, or at the very least is falling in love with you.

I covered signs he’s in love with you before but here are additional signs he loves you.Signs He Loves You

1. He Wants To Please You And Make You Happy

Men usually want to make their partner happy. Trouble is, they don’t always know how to do that.

Sometimes men will show their love and affection through their actions rather than through words.

If, for example, he doesn’t text you back then that’s okay. It doesn’t mean – and it’s not a sign – that he doesn’t love you or that he’s losing interest in you.

We all like to hear, “I love you,” but some men aren’t that way for whatever reason.

That doesn’t mean he’s a bad person or he doesn’t love you.

That’s just the way he is and he has other ways of showing his love for you.

Look for what he does for you – the actions that show he loves you.

2. He’s Perceptive About Your Feelings And Emotions

He sees you from a different perspective. It shows he cares. He knows when you’re down or depressed even when you say you’re fine. He knows your moods, your eccentricities.

3. He Respects Your Boundaries

If you have boundaries about relationships, beliefs, and sex, he respects them. He doesn’t force things onto you or make you feel bad about having boundaries.

4. He Shows His Love And Affection By The Way He Touches You

That long, deep kiss. On your lips. On your neck.

That small touch on your back.

The hand holding.

The hugs.

Those big, strong arms wrapped around you.

They’re all signs of his affection and love for you.

He also touches you mentally and emotionally. He does things that are sweet and touching,

They’re all signs of his love and affection for you.

5. He Doesn’t Care (Because He Accepts You The Way You Are)

It seems odd to think that if he doesn’t care it’s a sign he’s in love with you. But “he doesn’t care” has a special meaning here. It means he accepts you the way you are.

He doesn’t care that you’ve put on a little weight or that you “feel fat.”

He doesn’t care if you’re not in the mood for sex sometimes.

He accepts you no matter what.

6. He Knows Your Love Language

The 5 Love Languages® by Dr. Gary Chapman, Ph.D., are Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.

Each of us feels loved when our partner shows their love through a specific Love Language. Some of us need to hear, “I love you.” Some of us need our partner to show their love through things they do for us.

And some of us need to be touched.

We need to be kissed and caressed and made love to.

Your man knows your Love Language and uses it to show he’s in love with you and loves you.

7. He Knows Your Sex Language

Dr. Douglas Weiss, Ph.D., identifies 5 Sex Languages: Fun, Desire, Pleasure, Patience, Acceptance/Celebration.

If a man loves you, he won’t pressure you to have sex or to do things that you don’t want to do.

You’re tired after a long day at work and you don’t want to have sex or you’re not in the mood.

He wants to try anal play but you don’t want to experiment because you’re not that adventurous.

Many men use “blue balls” as an excuse to make their partner feel guilty about not having sex or as a way to demand sex when their partner isn’t in the mood, or they’re not getting enough sex, or they’re not satisfied with the sex.

But your man isn’t like that.

He likes to have fun when you’re having sex.

Or he expresses his desire for you and makes you feel appreciated and wanted.

Or he’s patient with you when you’re feeling sore or you don’t feel beautiful.

Some of us like to give pleasure during sex. It turns us on to know we’re pleasing our man and satisfying him.

You, for example, might like to give your man pleasure (see my treasury of naughty sex ideas in How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed) and want to know more ways to spice things up in the bedroom.

Bonus Sign He Loves You

8. He Keeps His Word

He’s a man of his word. If he says he will do something, he does it. He doesn’t make excuses. He tries to pull out all of the stops to do what he promises he will do.

Of these signs he’s in love with you, how does your boyfriend, lover, or husband rate?

Hopefully you have a better understanding about the signs a man is in love with you.

He Loves You But Will You Be Able To Keep Him Or Will Another Woman Steal Him Away?

Just because he’s in love with you right now doesn’t mean you’ll remain together.

A relationship changes and evolves over time.

Your man, for example, might start pulling way or he might begin to have a wandering eye.

Now that you recognize the signs that he’s in love with you, you might want that to progress further to a proposal and engagement.

When a man starts talking about a future with you and includes you in his future, it’s a good sign – as long as he’s not just saying that to lead you on. And some men say that very early on in the infatuation stage of a relationship before you’ve both had a chance to get to know each other.

But, if you’re in an established and solid relationship and he talks about a future, then there’s a greater chance he’ll get down on bended knee when he thinks the time is right.

How To Keep Him

There is a way to improve your chances of being together as a couple (or as a married couple) and not suffering from a broken heart.

And that’s with knowing the secrets to keeping your man and not letting another woman steal him from you.

With these secrets by your side you improve your chances of having him see you in his life and wanting you as a life partner.


Of course, sex is usually an important part of a relationship. And the more satisfied your man is with his sex life, the happier he’ll be and the less likely he will be inclined to stray into the arms of another woman.

That’s why I created a treasury of “naughty girl” sex secrets to give your man MIND. BLOWING. SEX.

So be sure to discover the secrets to keeping your man and the treasury of “naughty girl” sex secrets for mind blowing sex (including sexy dirty talk and my exclusive Yes/No/Maybe Sex Checklist) now that you know the signs he’s in love with you.

(TD;LR) Signs He Loves You

1. He Wants To Please You And Make You Happy

2. He’s Perceptive About Your Feelings And Emotions

3. He Respects Your Boundaries

4. He Shows His Love And Affection By The Way He Touches You

5. He Doesn’t Care (Because He Accepts You The Way You Are)

6. He Knows Your Love Language

7. He Knows Your Sex Language

8. He Keeps His Word (BONUS sign he’s in love with you)


how to drive your man wild in bed and have hotter sex


My Boyfriend Can’t Get An Erection

Home Ruby Q - Guest Contributor

Does your man go soft during sex or have trouble staying hard?

There’s nothing more embarrassing or humiliating to your man – and more frustrating to you – than when your man has difficulty getting hard or keeping it up.

In fact, it’s one of the biggest complaints and frustrations men and women have about their sex life.

This is entirely different than when your boyfriend or husband has low libido or sex drive and isn’t interested in having sex with you at all or the frequency of sex is almost non-existent or you have a dead bedroom.

In the case where he can’t get an erection, your boyfriend or husband is eager to have sex with you but he experiences trouble with his erections.

Trouble is, no matter how eager he is to have sex or how attractive he finds you or how much he “wills” himself to have an erection or get it up, it’s just not happening.

To a man, having and maintaining an erection is very important to him. Most men want to feel that they’re “manly” with their girlfriend or wife in the bedroom. They want to feel and act like an Alpha Male.

If he’s unable to have or maintain an erection, not only does he feel he is unable to “perform” but it goes to his very masculinity. He’s sees himself as – and feels like- less than a man if he can’t get or keep an erection.

It’s very frustrating for both of you. And it can lead to less frequent intimacy and sex if the problem isn’t addressed.

If you’re a very sexual woman, and you like having sex a lot, or you enjoy the closeness and intimacy of having sex with your man, his failure to get hard can be very frustrating and put a strain on your relationship.

You could be in a wonderful relationship. In fact, he could be your soul mate and perfect in every other way. He’s romantic. He makes you feel safe. He supports you. He’s your best friend. He’s attracted to you and treats you like a queen. He’s a good provider and a good father if he’s your husband and you have children.

But no matter how wonderful he is as your partner, there’s always the “hidden” problem when having sex: You and your man never know if he will be able to get an erection so he can “perform” in bed.

It puts pressure on him, increases his anxiety, and he can’t approach having sex with you with complete confidence.

That’s not to say that going soft during sex is not normal, because it is. But with proper stimulation your man should be able to get hard and stay hard during penetrative sex.

And that’s also not to say that you and your man can’t be intimate and that he can’t bring you to climax without being erect. After all, an erection doesn’t automatically mean your man can or will be able to give you the stimulation you need to orgasm.

While there are many reasons why your boyfriend or husband can’t get an erection, if your man is experiencing erectile dysfunction, then one of the reasons could be that he’s lacking an important ingredient commonly found in certain foods.

This ingredient is a “magic molecule” that helps improve blood flow which is crucial for erections and to experience pleasure – by both of you – during sex.

The “Magic Molecule” Needed For Erections

Your man’s levels of this “magic molecule” – Nitric Oxide – diminish as he ages.

It’s at its peak when he’s in his 20’s. But as he ages it decreases so that by the time he’s in his 50’s or 60’s he has a mere fraction of what he had when he was younger.

Low Nitric Oxide production leads to decreased blood flow that’s crucial for engorgement and erectile function.

And that can affect his ability to have strong, hard, sexually satisfying erections. (aff)

Without adequate blood flow your man has trouble getting the hard-ons that are needed for maximum sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

Low Nitric Oxide means reduced performance and pleasure – for both you and your man.

When men experience trouble with their erections, they might talk to their doctor. Your man’s doctor might prescribe Viagra®, Cialis®, or Levitra®. These are common and popular drugs to help with erectile dysfunction.

Some prescription drugs are known to have dangerous side effects, though. Take Viagra®, for example. Rarely reported side effects of Viagra® include sudden vision loss or sudden hearing decrease or hearing loss, or an erection that lasts more than four hours – for which immediate medical help must be sought.

The most common side effects of Viagra®, for example, include headache, runny nose, back pain, flushing, nausea or upset stomach, dizziness, and other issues that can be found on Viagra’s® website. Other ED prescription medications may have similar or different side effects.

What’s more, whether your man takes a prescription drug or a supplement for erectile dysfunction, he needs to consult with his doctor.

Your man may be taking medication that would be affected by an ED prescription drug or supplement. Conversely, the medication your man takes might affect how an ED prescription drug or supplement works.

Many men take Viagra®, Levitra®, or Cialis® without any or with only minor side effects or problems.

Supplementation Is One Way To Boost Your Man’s Nitric Oxide – The “Magic Molecule”

But some men prefer to turn to “natural” ways to boost their Nitric Oxide, because they prefer a supplement solution and they know how important Nitric Oxide is to their sexual well-being and performance.

One way to help overcome reduced pleasure and performance and improve your man’s sex life is to feed him with organic Nitric Oxide instead of taking prescription drugs which may have dangerous side effects or which may affect how your man’s existing prescriptions work.

Your man might be able to feed his body from the foods you eat but there’s an easier and quicker way: taking a libido boosting and Nitric Oxide boosting supplement.

FLOW Nitric Oxide supplement is made from organic fruits and vegetables and is designed to help with better blood flow, help your man stay hard, and ultimately improve your sex life. (aff)

Click Here To Discover How Your Man Can Help Improve His Sexual Performance And Pleasure

FLOW Isn’t Only For Your Man – It’s Also For Women
Who Want To Experience Greater Sexual Pleasure
And Enjoy Bigger, Badder, Better Orgasms!

FLOW Nitric Oxide supplement isn’t just for men, though. (aff)

It’s also for women because a woman also needs blood flow to her erectile tissue, including her clitoris, in order to experience greater sexual pleasure and enjoy better orgasms.

Blood flow is essential to a woman’s engorgement and sexual pleasure, too.

If you’re like most women, it takes time – and the loving touch of your man – to become aroused. When you become engorged and aroused “down there” you’ll experience greater pleasure with your man.

According to trusted sex advisor to millions of people and co-creator of FLOW supplement, Susan Bratton, FLOW helps increase blood flow to your lady parts to give you greater sexual pleasure and also helps improve lubrication.

You can order FLOW Supplement For Women Here (aff)


nitric oxide libido booster for men who go soft or can't get erections because of erectile dysfunction

(These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with your doctor for possible side effects.)

You can order FLOW Nitric Oxide Supplement Here. (aff)

Boyfriend’s Low Libido Is Killing Our Relationship – Reasons For Low Sex Drive In Men

Home Ruby Q - Guest Contributor

Many women are concerned that their boyfriend’s or husband’s low libido is hurting their relationship.

In this article we’ll explore some of the reasons why a man’s sex drive is or could be low.

I understand how heart breaking – even devastating – the effect of a man’s low sex drive is on your relationship.

You love your man.

He loves you.

So it’s only natural that you want to bond with him and be close to him.

Sex and intimacy have a special part in your relationship where you can connect and be close.

But, sometimes, the sex fizzles out.

And it leaves you concerned.

First, you get frustrated because there’s not enough sex to satisfy you.

After all, you love your man and you want to be close and intimate with him.

Then, as time goes on and you don’t have sex, you feel rejected, unwanted, and unattractive.

It’s totally understandable to feel that way when he’s not touching you or kissing you or being affectionate or showing he desires you or lusts after you.

You might begin to feel resentful because you have to initiate sex if you want to be intimate.

You might start being distant from him.

You might get into arguments with him about it.

You might start feeling like you’re nagging him to have sex.

He might say he’s too tired or that he’s not in the mood.

Sometimes, when you want to discuss the issue, it ends up with him saying, “I don’t want to talk about it” which doesn’t help solve the problem at all.

Ultimately, the lack of sex starts to concern you.

You wonder whether this is what your relationship is destined to be like.

It’s not just a matter of knowing the reasons why your man is no longer sexually interested.

It’s whether the problem can be fixed or whether you’re doomed to having a sexless relationship or marriage or a dead bedroom.

The First Indication That His Sex Drive Is Low

Your first sign that something is wrong is when the frequency of sex starts tapering off.

Sometimes that’s normal – especially if it’s a newer relationship or you move in together or you’ve been married for a few years.

But sometimes it becomes noticeable. Where sex used to be every day or almost every day, now it’s once a week or once every two weeks.

Or it could be even longer.

Worse still, the subtle signs are there…

He’s no longer intimate.

He doesn’t want to cuddle.

He doesn’t want to touch.

He doesn’t want to hug you.

He doesn’t want those long passionate kisses.

He doesn’t show any interest in you sexually.

And that not only hurts but it also affects your relationship.

15 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend or Husband Has Low Libido or Sex Drive

There are many reasons why a man may lose his desire for sex. For more reasons and the questions to ask to help you solve this issue, see How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed.

1. He’s Too Tired

If your man works long hours and works a physically or mentally demanding job then chances are he’s exhausted by the time he gets home.

All he wants to do when he gets home is relax. That might mean watching TV. Or it might mean playing video games. The last thing on his mind, though, is having sex.

This is where you might have to help him by scheduling sex when he’s not so tired – whether it’s in the morning or on his days off.

2. He’s Stressed

These days stress is a huge problem, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic.

He might be worried he will lose his job. Or he has already lost his job.

If he’s a business owner, his business may have suffered. The pandemic has left many business owners wondering how they will survive and get their sales and profits back.

He might be worried about paying the bills and looking after you and your family.

If he’s stressed because of work then this is the time when he needs your support.

3. He Has Poor or Declining or Changing Health

Health plays an important role in sexual desire and stamina.

If your man isn’t getting enough exercise, would rather be on the couch looking at TV or playing video games, and is feeling listless then chances are he needs to get moving and doing something, whether it’s walking or going to the gym or playing a sport or doing some other physical activity.

As well, as a man ages, his testosterone levels and nitric oxide levels decrease. These lower levels affect both his desire and his “hydraulics.”

He can have his testosterone levels checked by his doctor. There are prescription medications (like Viagra®, Levitra®, and Cialis®) and natural ways to boost his nitric oxide levels. (Nitric oxide improves blood flow to your man’s sex organs and will help him maintain an erection.) (aff)

4. He’s A Workaholic

Some men are driven to succeed. They love their job so much that it comes first. And with that comes more stress and anxiety.

Trouble is, this devotion to the job and the will to succeed means your needs – especially your sexual needs – are not a priority and come second.

Sometimes discussing this with your man can result in him making changes because he’s not aware this is a problem.

Other times discussions won’t help and can lead to arguments and resentment.

5. He’s A Porn Addict

Many men are into porn to varying degrees.

Some men watch it occasionally.

Others, however, become addicted to it and can’t get enough of it.

Some even self-pleasure to it – which can have detrimental effects on their ability to have erections.

NoFap® is one site that helps with porn addiction or porn overuse.

6. He Eats Too Much Junk Food

There’s nothing wrong with eating “junk food” occasionally. After all, we all like to have a treat once in a while.

But if his diet is primarily junk food then it could be leading to health issues (and accompanying medications) that ultimately affect his sex drive and can lead to sexual dysfunction.

Small changes in his diet and the types of foods he eats can have a big impact on his overall health and well-being.

7. He’s A Smoker

Research has shown that cigarette smoking can contribute to loss of arousal and sexual dysfunction in men.

8. He’s A Heavy Drinker

Alcohol has been shown in studies to affect a man’s ability to get an erection and can lead to sexual dysfunction in men.

Sexual dysfunction can be so embarrassing that your man could lose interest in having sex for fear of being humiliated if he’s unable to perform in bed.

9. He’s Taking Libido-Busting Medications

Prescription medications and recreational drugs can have a negative effect on a man’s sex drive.

If your man is depressed or anxious or stressed or has serious health issues and he’s taking prescription medications, chances are his libido could be adversely affected.

10. He Self-Pleasures Too Much

Masturbation is perfectly healthy and normal. It can give your man immediate release of pent up sexual frustration.

Where self-pleasuring becomes a problem is when he prefers to self-pleasure rather than have sex with you.

Sometimes that’s the only way he can get relief and – for some men – the only way they can release.

Other times it’s because self-pleasuring is less involved and quicker than foreplay and making love with you.

11. He’s Interested In Another Woman

There’s always the possibility that he’s interested in someone else and is having an affair or is thinking about having an affair because he’s no longer attracted to you.

Masters and Johnson alluded to this loss of attraction and the “monotony” a man experiences when being in a relationship with the same woman.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t automatically assume he’s interested in another woman just because his desire is waning. Being interested in another woman is simply one possibility for what is causing his loss of desire.

12. He’s Going Through Life Or Health Changes

Your man might be going through a mid-life crisis.

Or his hormones might be changing and he has lower levels of testosterone or nitric oxide.

Or he may be going through life changes – work, aged parents, financial problems – that are causing stress and anxiety or depression.

This is where he needs your support and understanding. Sometimes it’s something that can be corrected quite easily (such as seeing his doctor and getting medication that helps).

Other times it could be a drawn out process where he needs you to stand by him and help him through a rough patch.

13. He Feels The Pressure To Perform

Porn has created unrealistic expectations that your man has to be instantly hard and stay that way during lovemaking.

Usually, that’s not the reality since it’s perfectly normal for a man to “ebb and flow” from soft to hard during lovemaking.

But it does put pressure on your man to “perform” the way he thinks he should perform. And he’s embarrassed when he can’t stay hard all of the time.

Be empathetic when he does go soft. Take the pressure off him and avoid frowning or asking him if he’s no longer attracted to you or if he no longer desires you when he goes soft.

14. He’s No Longer Attracted To You

Physical attraction plays a big part in arousal for many men.

Things like hygiene, grooming, and appearance can have a powerful effect on a man’s desire.

Chances are you usually do a “pre-check” ritual before having sex – fresh breath, freshened up and groomed “down there,” or you’ve had a bath or shower. And, you might have also put on some sexy lingerie, as well.

If that’s your usual or standard ritual before sex then there may be other things that have caused a lack of attraction that he hasn’t told you about.

15. He’s Bored In Bed

If you and your boyfriend or husband have been together for a while or for years, chances are the “honeymoon” period is over and your sex life has plateaued or is on the decline.

Sometimes the sex becomes boring – the same positions, doing the same things all the time – and there’s no variety.

There’s no more excitement, no more fun, no more exploring.

That’s when you need to spice things up in the bedroom and make sex fun and exciting and an adventure again – just like it was when you met each other and were dating.

If you want to spice up your sex life and discover new ways to please your man in bed, then How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed may be the perfect answer to bring back hot, steamy excitement in the bedroom.


low libido and sex drive in men

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