Signs He’s In Love With You

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Signs He’s In Love With You

A common question women ask is, “What are the signs he’s in love with you?”

We all have our preconceived notions about what love is to us and how our partner shows they love us.Signs He's In Love With You

Some of us like to express our emotions while others – especially men – are the “strong and silent” type.

It could be that you know he’s in love with you if he says certain things.

Or he may show his love for you by your love language.

In an episode of Married At First Sight, for example, one husband had never said he loved his wife even after they decided on Decision Day to stay married. And yet she knew he loved her.

He obviously had fallen for her and was in love with her. He either secretly loved her, was scared of saying it for some reason, or he was hiding it and expressing it in ways other than saying it.

What’s more, particularly during the pandemic, some couples have not been able to see each other as often due to lockdown restrictions or quarantine restrictions. In fact, it has been recently reported that 15% of couples have either divorced or broken up because of the pandemic.

It’s been harder to show our love for someone when you can’t see them. You have to resort to texting, messaging, emails, Skype®, or other means to stay in touch when you can’t see each other in person.

In any case, it’s important that you know your guy is in love with you through various signs even if he doesn’t come out and say it in so many words.

None of us is perfect. Your man might not check all of the boxes when you’re looking for signs he’s in love with you.

But there are other specific…

Signs He’s In Love With You…Even If He Doesn’t Say It

1. He Treats You As His Priority

A man who loves you will put you before himself.

Men are wired to be protective and to provide for his partner and his children.

If your man is putting you (and your children, if you have any) before himself, then that’s a strong and powerful message that he’s in love with you.

2. He Tells You He Misses You

When you’re apart for some reason – whether it’s because he’s away on a business trip or you’re away visiting family or friends or you’re away on a work trip – and he feels lonely because you’re not with him, it indicates his love for you.

3. He “Gets” You

A man who loves you and is in love with you will understand you.

He’s attentive. He pays attention to the little details – the things you like and don’t like.

He understands your moods and your fears and your temperament. He’s considerate and he’s concerned about your well being and how your day was.

4. He’s A Giver, Not A Taker

In a similar way that he treats you as a priority, he also puts you first before himself. Perhaps he serves you dinner before he fills his plate. Perhaps he lets you shower before he does. Perhaps he gives you the best cut of a steak instead of having it for himself.

He puts you before himself and is selfless in many ways instead of selfish.

5. He’s Your Rock

A man who loves you is your rock. He’s the one person you can count on to turn to when things are rough and you need support and comforting. When you’re down he’s there to comfort you. When something goes wrong at work, he’s there to support you. When there’s a family issue or emergency or someone close to you dies, he’s there by your side comforting you. He takes your side and defends you.

6. He’s By Your Side No Matter What

He likes to be with you. He likes to spend time with you. He likes to do things with you. He likes to talk to you. He likes to be by your side. And he’s proud to be by your side.

7. He’s A Big Part Of – And Involved In – Your Life

He’s an integral part of your life. He knows your friends. He knows your family. He knows your background and your life history. He’s an extension of your life.

8. He Shows Signs He’s In Love With In Tangible Ways

The way he looks at you.

The compliments he makes about you.

The way he is proud of you and talks about you and your accomplishments.

The things he does for you that mean a lot to you.

These are all things that show he’s in love with you or he’s falling in love with you or that he loves you.

Now that you know signs he’s in love with you, you might want him to commit to a longer term relationship that leads to marriage.

Don’t Lose Him To Another Woman Now That You’ve Won His Heart

If you follow The Bachelor or The Bachelorette from season to season like many of us romantics at heart do, you’ll know that many couples on the show don’t end up together or married after the season ends. Eventually they call it quits and go there separate ways. Some find love with someone else. Others don’t.

When you find a guy who shows you he loves you, you don’t want to lose him, do you?

Look for signs he wants to commit but be aware of this:

You increase your chances of keeping him and having him treat you the way you want to be treated if you understand him.

Imagine this: He’s in love with you but another woman comes along, gets his attention, and lures him away from you.

The damage is usually done after a break up but there are ways to keep a man loyal and attracted to you – and only you – no matter what temptation is put in front of him.

If you want to keep your man and avoid losing him to another woman then discover the secrets of how to keep him.

(TD;LR) Signs He’s In Love With You

1. He Treats You As His Priority

2. He Tells You He Misses You

3. He “Gets” You

4. He’s A Giver, Not A Taker

5. He’s Your Rock

6. He’s By Your Side No Matter What

7. He’s A Big Part Of – And Involved In – Your Life

8. He Shows Signs He’s In Love With In Tangible Ways


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