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What Every Woman Needs to Know About Dirty Talk and
How To Introduce Erotic Sex Talk Into Your Lovemaking

If you’ve ever wondered whether talking dirty to your man is a sexual turn-on, let me say this:dirty talk

Most men get an erotic charge out of dirty talk in bed.

In fact, most men really do like it when a woman knows how to talk dirty to them because it instantly inflames their desire.

But just as talking dirty can be a turn-on, saying the wrong thing or fumbling around for the right words to say when you’re caught off-guard can be an instant turn-off.

That’s why it’s important that you know what to say so it doesn’t make him cringe or get turned off completely.

For some women who are in their 30s, 40s, 50s and looking for dating advice, talking dirty to a man might be a new technique in their seduction, flirting, or lovemaking skills particularly if they’ve never done it before.

What’s more, it could be something to introduce to a new partner or lover when you enter into a new relationship.

For other women, talking dirty to your man is going to be a natural extension of your lovemaking.

And for many women, talking dirty to your man is about getting to know each other on a totally different sexual level because it’s uninhibited and expressive and exposes deep sexual desires and feelings.

Your Romantic Date Leads To Dirty Talk
During Passionate, Hot and Steamy Lovemaking

Imagine going on a date with a hot guy you’re attracted to.

It’s not your first date with him.

You’ve dated for a short while now and even though there’s been talk about having sex, nothing has happened up to this point.

You trust him and you’d like to take the relationship to the next level – which means sleeping with him – after he’s made a commitment to you.

After all, you’re not looking for a one night stand.

And you’re not willing to give up the treasures of your body without him making a commitment to being in a relationship.

The adventure unfolds this way…

He takes you to a fancy restaurant for a candle-lit dinner.

The lights are dim.

Romantic music plays softly in the background.

The orange sun slowly dips below the horizon.

Your table is tucked away in a corner where you’re totally private.

It’s a romantic setting.

The food is heavenly.

The dessert is to die for.

The conversation is exciting and non-stop.

You’re feeling the intense attraction you both have for each other.

You have eyes only for him.

He’s handsome, witty, and charming.

He’s the perfect combination that you’re looking for – he’s flirtatious and yet he’s a gentleman.

This is a good man who you want in your life.

You know it’s the right time to have sex with him.

You want him so badly.

You start to flirt with him and tease him.

And then you pretend to get up from the table to go to the restroom.

As you pass by him you lean down, touch him on the arm, and whisper seductively in his ear, “Let’s go back to my place.”

He grabs your hand, looks directly into your eyes, and gives your hand a light squeeze.

He’s thinking the same thing.

He hurriedly pays the bill and you walk out of the restaurant holding each other’s hand.

It seems like a lifetime before you arrive home.

The air is charged with electricity.

As soon as the door closes, he takes you in his arms and kisses you deeply…passionately.

You melt in his arms and press your body into his…signaling your desire.

You wish this moment could go on forever.

It’s exciting.

It sends tingles down your spine.

You feel waves of pleasure coursing through your body.

His hand wanders down your curves.

He telegraphs his desire and lust for you.

There’s just a momentary bit of apprehension because it’s your first time with him.

But nothing is going to stop this moment…or the adventure to come.

You take his hand and you lead him to your bedroom.

Feelings intensify.

Your desire for him is inflamed.

You sense, then feel, his urgency.

As you continue to kiss each other deeply and passionately, you tug and pull at each other’s clothes in a frantic attempt to feel each other’s nakedness.

You’re burning with desire for him.

And you want him to take you.

Soon, you can no longer hold back.

You want him urgently now.

You pull him towards you, you open to his insistent but gentle urging, and you join as one.

As you’re enjoying the delicious feel of him, he whispers in your ear, “Talk dirty to me.”

It’s the moment of truth.

Do you say things that arouse him and take your lovemaking to new heights?

Or do you feel a moment of fear as it flashes by you that he might not think of you as a sexy lover?

Do you stumble and mumble, wondering what you should do next…and kill the mood?

Talking Dirty To Your Man Is A
Powerful Sexual Stimulant To Him

Have you ever wondered what it is about talking dirty to your man that turns him on so much?

It’s as though an “arousal switch” has been flipped and instantly inflames his desire for you.

And it makes him look at you with new respect and desire.

He lusts after you.

It keeps you on his mind when he’s not with you because he’s thinking, “Wow! She’s a Goddess!”

It’s like an addiction and he wants more of you.

In fact, he can’t get enough of you.

He craves a deeper connection…a different energy…something that’s completely unlike the plain vanilla sex that he’s experienced in the past or is used to.

Here’s why talking dirty to your man has such a powerful effect on him and drives him wild with desire and why you should add naughty and sexy talk to your lovemaking skills.

1. He Wants a Good Girl By Day and a Naughty Girl By Night

There’s something about a woman who turns into a tigress in the bedroom that surprises, shocks, and excites a man.

Perhaps it’s the fact that only he knows what she’s like behind closed doors.

Perhaps it’s the lure of the forbidden and unknown that excites him and turns him to putty in your hands.

Whatever it is, a woman who knows how to excite her man in the bedroom using her feminine wiles isn’t as common as you might think and that can be a powerful aphrodisiac to a man.

When the naughty girl in you comes out to play, he’s going to respond with lust, desire, and enthusiasm.

2. He Feels Like A Sex God And Sees You As His Sex Goddess

Most men are proud of their performance in the bedroom, especially if they know they can turn their woman on and take her over the edge.

They also like to know that they’re contributing to a woman’s sexual pleasure.

A woman who is silent or hardly reacts at all during sex, on the other hand, isn’t very exciting at all to a man.

It’s as though she lies there and can’t wait to get it over with when it could – and should – be one of the most exciting and wonderful times between a couple.

When she’s quiet, a man doesn’t know if he’s doing things the right way to stimulate and arouse her.

He might even think he’s doing something wrong.

And he begins to doubt his abilities in the love department and wonder what she thinks of his skill as a lover.

A vocal woman, on the other hand, is exciting.

She adds fun to the experience.

She’s an enthusiastic lover.

She awakens his dormant desire and lust for her.

And what man doesn’t like a woman who likes to have sex and make love with enthusiasm?

Her enthusiasm speaks volumes – it shows she’s excited to be with her man and she wants to bond with him in the most intimate way.

A woman who talks dirty to her man during lovemaking heightens and supercharges his desire for her and that can lead to exhilarating and memorable sex.

3. Talking Dirty to A Man Is The Pinnacle of Seduction And Sexual Expression

You and your man can try every position in the Kama Sutra.

You can try new scents and perfumes.

You can try new fetishes.

You can try role playing.

You can act out fantasies.

You can touch each other.

You can taste each other.

You can smell each other.

You can flirt.

You can entice.

You can make naughty suggestions.

You can tease.

You can tempt.

But ultimately there’s one thing that brings him to his knees and makes him surrender – and fall – under your seductive spell.

And that’s dirty talk.

Because dirty talk is the sexy talk of seduction.

It’s a man’s Achilles Heel that seduces and lures him and turns him into putty in your hands.

What woman doesn’t want that?

Of course, sexy talk is more than the effect of luring him and seducing him and inflaming his desire for you.

It’s also your ultimate expression of pleasure and arousal.

It’s the sounds you make.

It’s the words you use.

It’s the sounds combined with the words.

It’s the whispers that flow freely and seductively when you’re in another state of mind.

When you moan or cry out his name in the throes of passion it goes to the very heart of his arousal.

It triggers his hunger for acknowledgement, appreciation, and respect from the woman he loves.

When you tell him what turns you on and you start talking dirty it activates his erotic senses and it makes him feel the very essence of being a man.

4. He’s Turned On By Your Adventurous and Enthusiastic “Freak Between The Sheets” Lovemaking

You don’t know what a guy is like sexually – especially if he’s a new boyfriend.

He could be a skilled lover who knows how to please a woman beyond anything she ever imagined.

He might be a generous lover who likes to please you to the point of delaying or even sacrificing his own pleasure.

He might be a selfish lover who thinks only of himself and his own pleasure, forgetting that you seek to give and receive pleasure, too.

Or, he could be an inexperienced lover who needs patient guidance on how to touch and please a woman.

On the other hand, he doesn’t know what you’re like in bed, either.

You might be inexperienced.

You might have had only one lover in the past.

You might have had several lovers.

Everyone has different sexual experiences in their relationships.

Even if you’re not an adventurous “Freak Between the Sheets” lover, you can still show him signs of your enthusiasm through your sexy and erotic talk.

If you are a “Freak Between the Sheets” then you’re at a different level of lovemaking.

You’re a skilled lover who knows what she wants and knows how to turn a man on and get him hot for you.

You’re passionate about lovemaking and pleasing your partner with the gifts and treasures your body has to offer.

You know how to excite your man…

It could be with a smile.

It could be with a gesture.

It could be with clothing or lingerie.

It could be with the way you talk to him.

It could be with the sounds you make as he kisses you deeply or makes love to you.

You have the skills to inflame his desire – whether it’s talking dirty in bed or sexting him with naughty and suggestive texts or dirty chat on IM or online that get him all fired up and hot for you.

You have a collection of exciting and stimulating sex toys (affiliate) for both you and for him to heighten the lovemaking experience.

You exude sexual confidence and you have a no-holds-barred attitude that shows you’re up for the challenge and you know what you’re doing in the bedroom.

New positions to try? No problem.

Fantasies? You bet.

Fetishes? Why not.

Role playing? Let’s do it.

Talking dirty to your man? Absolutely!

They’re all part of being alluring that can lead to adventurous and enthusiastic lovemaking.

You’ll try almost anything at least once as long as it’s legal and isn’t painful.

You’re a man’s dream Sexual Goddess.

dirty talk

Sexy Talk Adds a New Dimension
To Your Lovemaking

Naughty sex talk has nothing to do with being shy or tentative.

It’s for the confident woman.

It’s for the woman who’s aroused and who wants to arouse her man.

It’s for the woman who wants to, and knows how to, please her man.

It’s for the woman who uses it as another lovemaking tool in her arsenal of sexual skills.

It doesn’t have to be vulgar.

Because it’s not necessary to be crude or smutty to be effective.

It’s about being confident in your ability to know – and say – the specific words and phrases that turn a man on.

If you are shy or you’re hesitant trying suggestive and sexy language when he says, “Talk dirty to me,” then all it takes is knowing the right words and phrases – your dirty talk “lines” – to say and then start using them.

How To Introduce Dirty Talk
To Your Lovemaking

When you’re with a new lover you don’t know whether he’s into talking dirty or not.

So here are a few tips on how to talk dirty…

1. Start Slowly

Thrill him with your words of seduction.

Tantalize and titillate with your flirty and erotic whisperings.

Tell him how good he feels.

Tell him how good he smells.

Tell him how good he tastes.

Tell him how hot you are for him.

Tell him what a great kisser he is.

Tell him how good he is as a lover.

Tell him how sexy he is.

Tell him how you wanted him last night.

Tell him how you fantasized about this moment the first time you met him.

Tell him he’s on your mind all the time.

What man doesn’t want to hear that – and more – from his woman?

His ego will go through the roof.

And he’ll want to perform and please you even more.

2. Find Out If He’s Into Sexy Dirty Talk

If you’ve been getting a green light with your initial seductive compliments, ask him if he’s into dirty talk.

Some men are.

Others aren’t.

Those who aren’t can be turned off immediately, thinking it’s crude, obscene, or unnecessary.

If he’s never tried it before then broach the subject openly and talk about it to find out his thoughts and beliefs.

If you like to use naughty and erotic talk during sex, let him know you do and see how he reacts.

Tell him what you like to hear.

Tell him what words and phrases turn you on.

If he’s into it, he’s going to be an enthusiastic participant.

On the other hand, you might want to ease into it with something flirty and complimentary.

He makes you hot just thinking about him.

He makes you frisky.

He makes you wet.

If he begins to reciprocate then chances are you’re both into the same thing.

3. Know (And Agree Upon) The Limits and Boundaries

There are different degrees of sexy and erotic talk and you don’t want to kill the mood by using the wrong words.

When your man tells you you’re naughty, it’s titillating and fun.

When he calls you a slut it could be insulting or hurtful or degrading to you.

When you call him your Sex God he’s thrilled.

When you call him your slave, he might not be so thrilled. In fact, he might find it demeaning.

You like his manly, hairy chest.

He thinks he has man boobs and it embarrasses him.

You think he’s huge down there.

He thinks he’s small or average at best.

And he’s insecure about it.

You should be able to get a good idea of which parts of his body he’s proud of by the way he walks around or by the comments he makes.

If he’s into working out at the gym or he flexes his muscles around you, then you know he’s proud of his body.

If he walks about naked or almost naked you know he’s uninhibited and shows pride in the way he looks.

Where you think specifics might be misinterpreted, broaden your scope of reference.

Talk about his total body instead of a specific body part.

Tell him you love running your hands all over his manly body and feeling his muscles.

Then lead into more erotic talk about how it makes you feel.

Words have a powerful effect on people, depending on their context.

Choose words that are positive and build up your partner’s esteem and confidence.

Using words like manly, strong, muscular, rugged, tough, brawny, strapping, and hunk, for example, trigger images of manliness, vigor, and strength in his mind and make him feel protective and larger than life.

Using words he can instantly connect with show you admire him and want him and get turned on by him.

4. Ramp Things Up

Combine your words of seduction with sounds of pleasure.

Moans of pleasure, ooohhhs, aaahhhhs, sighs, and crying out in ecstasy all indicate your appreciation of his skills and show him he’s giving you pleasure.

Show him how much you’re enjoying what he’s doing.

But don’t stop there.

Tell him what you want to do to him.

Or tell him what you want him to do to you.

Sometimes you’ll tell him while you’re having sex.

Other times you’ll send sexy text messages to get him in the mood before a date or before he comes home to you.

5. Be Aware Of How You Say Erotic Talk

Chances are your sounds of passion are going to be short, choppy, and whispery.

Sometimes barely discernible.

Sometimes loud.

But what about sexy talk and seductive talk?

Keep it short.

Whisper it.

Say it louder.

Make it a command.

Make it a request.

Make it assertive.

Make it authoritative as though you’re in control – which you are.

Make your voice “breathy” like Marilyn Monroe used to.

Make your voice “husky” like Mae West’s voice was.

Make your voice sound sexy and seductive (and it will definitely sound that way if you whisper naughty things to him).

Three Levels Of Sexy Erotic Talk

If you’ve never tried dirty talk before, think of it as having three different levels, because there is a level for everybody, ranging from tame to outrageous…and ranging from short phrases and three- and four-letter words to filthy and vulgar.

1. Suggestive Erotic Sex Talk

You talk suggestively using passionate and flirtatious words and phrases.

Phrases like, “I think you’re hot” or “You don’t realize what you do to me when you say that” or “I’m getting frisky just thinking about that” or “You’re making me all tingly down there.”

2. Explicit Erotic Sex Talk

Your next level is more explicit.

You’re saying things that can verge on being vulgar…but you don’t quite reach that point.

You talk about how you feel.

You talk about what you want to do to him.

You talk about what you want him to do to you.

You tell him where you want him to touch you.

You’re descriptive but you don’t go over the edge and take things to the extreme with your words.

3. Vulgar Dirty Talk

The highest level is vulgar dirty talk.

This goes beyond being suggestive, flirtatious, or seductive.

Now you’re at the “porn” level and vulgar category.

It’s raw.



To some, this level is going too far.

It borders on or can be viewed as humiliating, degrading, and demeaning.

To others, it excites and spurs them on.

Until you know otherwise, it’s safer to assume that anything you consider to be degrading, demeaning, or humiliating is off limits and shouldn’t be said.

After all, you want this to be an exciting experience, not a mood killer.

The best thing about talking dirty to your man, though, is that you have total control over what you say.

And you have a fair amount of control over what you can expect from your man when you set boundaries and limitations although, to be fair, in the heat of passion some things could slip out that go beyond the expected boundaries.

Dirty Talk Ideas

If you want your man to think about you every waking moment of the day…

If you want your man to fantasize about having sex with you…

If you want your man to think of you as his Sex Goddess…

If you want to heighten your lovemaking and take things to a higher level…

If the thrill has gone from your sex life and you want to add a new dimension to your lovemaking to make it sizzling hot again…

Then now is the time to add sexy dirty talk to your repertoire of lovemaking skills.

If you want to know the exact words and phrases that turn your man on before sex, as well as things to say during sex and after sex,  then check out this dirty talk video here (affiliate) for dirty talk ideas.

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But there’s more. And it transcends talking dirty to your man because…

Having Him Adore You and Cherish You
Is Much More Powerful Than Dirty Talk

Have you ever noticed how some women not only find a good man, they KEEP him?

Not only does their relationship seem to get better and better with each passing year, but her man is so devoted to her and has eyes only for her.

As thrilling as dirty talk can be in elevating your game in the bedroom, it’s not as long lasting as something else in your relationship.

In fact, some could even call what I’m about to show you a powerfully effective way to addict a man to you and only you.

Where sex and lovemaking are the dessert of your relationship, what I’m about to show you is much more powerful than dirty talk because it goes to the core of a loving and enduring relationship.

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After all, what woman wouldn’t want a man who loves, cherishes, appreciates, and adores her?

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