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Guy Doesn’t Text Back

A common complaint many women have when dating or when being in a relationship is that the guy doesn’t text back.Guy Doesn't Text Back

In the first part of why guys don’t text back, I gave you 10 reasons why guys go silent as well as what to do if that happens to you.

But there’s more…

If you’re not in a relationship but there’s someone you’re interested in, the scenario might go like this…

You meet a guy online. Maybe it’s on POF, or, or Tinder, or another online dating site.

Or you meet him in person at an event or a concert or a party or while you’re standing in line to buy a coffee.

You exchange phone numbers.

You start texting back and forth.

You make plans to meet.

The first date is fun and you enjoyed being with him.

You think this might be the start of something great and you think there might be a relationship that has potential.

You make plans and you see each other again, only this time you spend overnight with him.

When you leave, he tells you he will definitely see you again soon.

And then you don’t hear from him.

No texts. No calls. No messages.

Before the overnight stay, he was constantly texting you and you were texting him.

Now it’s radio silence.

And it leaves you wondering whether this was simply a hookup and you were played so he could have sex with you.

Now you wonder whether you should text him or let it go and chalk it up to experience.

Of course, there are…

Other Scenarios Where A Guy Doesn’t Text Back:

Texting is quick and simple. It’s perfect for those of us who want to keep in touch without spending a lot of time on the phone. In fact, some women complain that their guy texts too much instead of calling on the phone.

There are different situations you might find yourself in when it comes to texting a guy:

>> Initially there’s a flurry of texts and then they taper off and he goes silent. And then he resurfaces, sometimes days or weeks or months later.
>> He starts texting you less, promises to do better after you speak to him about it, but never changes his ways.
>> You have a “texting relationship” and he wants to continue to text but you never meet.
>> You want to know how to get him to respond to you when you don’t hear from him.
>> You know he reads your messages but he doesn’t or won’t reply.
>> You like him or really love him but he doesn’t text you back and you’re confused, hurt, and afraid the relationship is changing or deteriorating.
>> He starts messaging you out of the blue after you haven’t heard from him for days, weeks, or even months.
>> You’re in a relationship and you want to connect or bond with him and you do that through text messages.
>> You’re afraid he’s losing interest in you and you don’t know what to do.
>> He texts you back after a few hours or the next day or even days later.
>> You don’t know him very well but you’re trying to get to know him to see if he’s boyfriend material.
>> The texting pattern changes and you feel hurt and anxious even though you try not to let it bother you and you know you should give him his space.

Reasons Why A Guy Never Texts Back (Even After A First Or Second Date)

1. He’s lazy.

He’s the type of guy who hardly makes any effort to contact you or communicate with you. He’s okay with you contacting him but it’s not usually reciprocated.

This is the guy who isn’t a good prospect as a boyfriend because if he doesn’t make an effort responding to your messages he won’t make the effort to get to know you.

2. He doesn’t care.

He could be selfish or narcissistic. Either way, it’s all about him, not about you and he wants you to do the work contacting him, not the other way around.

3. He turns his phone off during the day.

Some guys just don’t want the distraction of messages and calls during the day. So they turn off their phone until they’re ready to respond.

4. He’s keeping you as a “spare” and pursuing other women.

He’s keeping his options open especially after a date or after having sex with you by texting you occasionally, but for the most part he’s tied up with other women. That means you’re on the back burner, his “other option” if something doesn’t work with someone else, and he’s definitely not good boyfriend material.

5. He doesn’t want anything serious so he doesn’t want to encourage your attention or affections.

He may have even told you that he doesn’t want anything serious. But he still wants to see you and have fun (and sex) with you.

Chances are this won’t go anywhere and will end up hurting you if you continue to pursue him and find he doesn’t respond to your advances.

6. He had sex with you and is no longer interested because his curiosity is satisfied.

It happens. There’s a flurry of texting. There’s lots of sexual references in messages. But once you’ve slept with him there’s nothing else for him to pursue and he disappears. The point is, all he wanted was sex, not a relationship.

7. He’s got other distractions in his life and isn’t interested in dating you or having a relationship with you.

Some guys just don’t have it together. Or they have so many distractions and other obligations that they don’t want to be involved with someone.

8. He doesn’t have time for texting or for a relationship.

Some guys really are busy and have too much going on in their life to be involved with someone.

9. He’s leading you on.

During a date he talks about how he likes you and wants to get to know you.

He talks about having a future with you. He even paints a picture of what it will be like together.

And you fall under his spell of what the future looks like with him.

But the truth is, you don’t know each other very well and you don’t know if he’s The One.

You’re romanticizing the relationship (or what might turn into a relationship) instead of being realistic and recognizing that it’s too early to know how things will turn out. Instead, let things progress and mature to see if there really is a future with this guy.

10. He’s pulling away.

This is normal for guys who are confused and not sure what they want. In other words, they take a step back. This is the type of guy who takes time to “come around” so all might not be lost. But it’s tricky to know if he’s pulling away or just not interested.

What To Do When A Guy Doesn’t Text You Back

1. Carry on with your own life.

Your life doesn’t revolve around a guy.

And it doesn’t revolve around whether or not he texts you or whether he’s slow in texting you.

Go out with your friends or get involved in your hobbies and passions and don’t dwell on a guy who doesn’t text you back.

2. Increase your self-confidence.

Don’t act needy or clingy, because those are two traits that turn men off.

Get to know the guy in real life instead of through texting.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get a text from a guy you’re interested in.

Just don’t obsess over it. And don’t look for hidden meanings if he’s slow in returning your text or he doesn’t text back at all.

3. Stay true to yourself.

If he’s not doing what he promised he would do, make a decision and, if need be, move on.

If he doesn’t treat you the way you want him to treat you, if he doesn’t apologize for his behavior, if he continues to do something that you don’t like, block his number and move on.

4. Look for a guy who is “into” you.

There’s lots of guys out there. And at least one is perfect for you. Spend time looking for the guy who is perfect for you and will give you the attention you want rather than chasing or fretting over a guy who doesn’t respond to you.

(TD;LR), Top 5 Reasons Why Guys Don’t Text Back

1. He’s lazy and wants to be chased.

2. He doesn’t want anything serious.

3. He’s keeping his options open but is busy with other women.

4. He’s leading you on.

5. He’s no longer interested *after* having sex with you.

Now you have an idea why guys don’t text back and what to do about it so that you can find the guy who is your perfect match.

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