How To Make Your Man Adore You

“When your man adores you he stays faithful to you and has eyes only for you. These are just a few of the many techniques you can use to make your man adore you.” Blaine Barrington, Dating and Relationship Coach how to make your man adore you

Of all the techniques I teach in the Girl Gets Great Guy System, this is the area that is most important after you’ve found a great guy.

Being in love and having great chemistry and sex aren’t the only ingredients that keep a relationship together and enduring.

There are other things that round out a relationship to create a unique bond and keep it strong year after year.

If you can master the following techniques – as well as other techniques I reveal in the Girl Gets Great Guy System – you have a much better chance of keeping your man happy, satisfied, and in love with you.

Your man wants someone who “gets” him – someone who knows him like no other person does.

If you “get” him and he knows it and feels it to his very core, you will form a close,unbreakable bond with him.

When your man adores you, he will feel closer to you and he will try to do things that make you happy.

1. Keep The Attraction Alive By Being Feminine

He was originally attracted to you because of your femininity…and perhaps even your sexiness.

Even if you know how to drive a big rig or fix a car engine or swing a hammer on a construction site, he still looks for and desires your feminine and sexy side.

Show him your feminine side – whether it’s by wearing a sexy little black cocktail dress and high heels, or leather pants and high boots, or sexy lingerie.

Flirt with him. Be playful. Be sexy.

Keep the attraction alive by taking care of yourself, making sure you look attractive and smell wonderful, and wearing clothing and lingerie that accent your best features.

Remove unwanted hair and maintain your grooming to a high standard. Looking comfy is one thing, looking frumpy is another thing entirely.

Eat healthy foods. Exercise. Watch your weight. Glow. Smile. Laugh. Be positive. Be affectionate.

Make him proud to have you on his arm.

2. Make Suggestions Sparingly

From time to time your man might ask you for your suggestions.

This is where you have to tread very carefully and lightly.

Because while he might want – and need – your suggestions, he might also resent or take offense when you give him suggestions (even when he has asked for your help!)

It makes no sense really, until you realize that most guys like to think they have all the answers and they know everything.

So when they ask someone for help it makes them feel inferior and feel like a failure.

For example, if your man has built his business from the ground up and he asks for your help he might feel that he has let you down and that your suggestions are a way of criticizing him.

When he asks for suggestions, tread softly. Don’t overdo it, even though you mean well. And even if he insists he wants or values your suggestions.

Above all else, don’t get caught up in the notion that you’re giving “constructive criticism.”

Criticism in any form is destructive. It can be hurtful. It can be demoralizing. It can break someone’s spirit and enthusiasm.

Instead of saying, “You’ve been doing that wrong. Do it this way” try something like…“Have you considered trying it this way to see if that gives you better results?” or “If it were me, I’d try this way.”

Of course, in any relationship or marriage it doesn’t have to be something you do or don’t do. Instead, there can be something missing.

It might be the romance. It might be the passion. It might be the lust. Or it might be something else.

Whatever it is, sometimes you just need a little guidance and new ideas to put the sizzle back and heighten the romance and passion and excitement.


> You’re wondering if your man still loves you or even cares about you

> You’re feeling alone in your relationship

> You feel you’re the only one who does anything in the relationship and he’s not pulling his weight

> The romance and passion have disappeared from your relationship

> You love your man but he’s clueless about you and your wants, needs, and desires

and you want him to love you again or show more love towards you…

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3.  Understand His Needs  

If you haven’t guessed it by now, your man has needs.

Many of those needs will come as no surprise to you.

He needs sex and intimacy.

He needs to be loved, appreciated, and adored by you.

He needs your respect.

He needs your support so that he knows you have his back.

He needs someone who understands him.

He needs time alone in his Man Den.

He needs time to do his own thing – whether they’re hobbies or sports.

He needs time to hang out with his buddies.

His needs are important to him.

If his needs are fulfilled he will feel satisfied and not seek them elsewhere.

4.  Treat Him Right

Treat him as though he is the most intelligent, loving, funny, loyal, and attractive man in the world.

Make him feel desired and wanted.

5. Make Him Feel Loved, Valued, And Appreciated

When he’s least expecting it*, go up to him or go up behind him, wrap your arms around him, give him a big hug, kiss him and tell him how much you love him and value him and appreciate him in your life.

He’ll be thrilled to hear your words of love!

(*A word of caution: This technique can be very distracting. Don’t do this when he’s concentrating on something like a computer program or game or working intently on something like a project or using power tools or fixing the car.)

There are many more techniques you can use to make your man adore you.

By using the techniques I’ve described you’ll go a long way in keeping your man happy and true to you.

Keep in mind, though, that these tips are just the beginning.

If your boyfriend or husband is…

> distant

> unloving

> or has shut down and created an emotional wall

and you want him to love you again or you want him to be more loving…

…then click the following link for How To Inspire Your Man To Love, Cherish, Appreciate and Adore You and discover how to capture and recapture your man’s heart! – the site that gives relationship and dating advice to women and helps them find their Mr. Right – wishes to thank Andrew C. for the beautiful roses photo in this article. Image credit: Roses (c) Andreyutzu #936341

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