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If you're tired of attracting the wrong men all the time, you don't know if the man you're dating is Mr. Right for you, or you seem to date losers and commitmentphobes, then The 848 Formula is your blueprint and guiding light to finding a quality man.

In The 848 Formula you'll discover...

> How to quickly zero in on those things that are the most important to you in a relationship. I even get you started with "must-haves" every man should bring to a relationship.

> 8 subtle (and not-so-subtle) signs he's losing interest and might be getting ready to break up with you. Plus, two virtually fool-proof ways to turn things around and inspire him to cherish, desire, and adore you.

> 12 TOP signs the man you're with is unlikely to commit to marriage. Powerful intel to have when you're dating a new man and you don't want to waste your time if he's a commitmentphobe.

> 3 key ways a man can make you feel safe and secure in a relationship. These are the signs of a quality man.

> MANSPEAK: Decode what he REALLY means when he says "I need my space" and what to do when he says, "I need more time" after you've been waiting far too long for a proposal.

> 4 qualities every man MUST have in order to "qualify" for your time and attention. These are my Cornerstone Standards. If he doesn't have them, he's a "Pass."

> How to enhance your relationship when he's losing interest or you're feeling unloved and unappreciated. Discover the secrets from your man's "Playbook" so you can practically read his mind and become the woman he can't live without.

> Living together. Good idea or not? Here's what scientific research discovered.

> 5 Levels of Commitment, how each stage affects your relationship, and how to know he's ready to make a greater commitment that could eventually lead to marriage.

> He refuses to call you his girlfriend? Good news or bad news for your relationship? Discover 5 reasons why a man won't call you his girlfriend and whether you should be concerned or not.

> The Level of Commitment that usually leads to a break up. Are you willing to take that chance with a great guy? It seems like a good idea but in the end it can lead to painful heartbreak instead of happily ever after.

> 16 signs he's not ready to commit including 3 surprising signs that you'd never guess had to do with commitment. There's no more guessing when you recognize the signals he's sending.

> 6 HOT Relationship Resources to spice up your love life and relationship. Here's how to add more fun, excitement, adventure, romance, and passion to your relationship.

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